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Book Review: Diary of a Pulubi by Chinkee Tan

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This year is a turning point in my life when it comes to financial literacy. Before I was just contented with telling myself, “Ah, para lang yan sa mayayaman ang investing, ‘di namin afford ‘yan”, or “parang ‘di ko yata maiintindihan ang bagay na ‘to kahit kailan, mukhang complicated e” and all.

Thanks to a few friends and bloggers, I finally came to a decision to start reading and learning about finances and investing this year.

I’m still a work in progress, I still have a lot of things to learn and there are still many things that confuse me but I am slowly learning little by little.

Now since this topic requires a lot of reading, I am also trying to make reading a habit now. Funny, I know I said so many times that I’m not a reader but I want to change that as well, haha. Ngayon, nagagawa ko ng pampatulog ang pagbabasa, LOL!

Ito na nga, wala ng patumpik tumpik pa. When I started learning about saving and investing, Chink+ was one of the people that I saw online as a good life and financial coach. He’s always frank on the points he wants to emphasize to his subscribers. So when I won this book through Madz’s giveaway, I was so happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just finished reading this, it’s not in my hands now, I promised to lend it to Melisa as soon as I’m finished but here’s my short review of this book.

1. Short and concise
It’s a small book, perfect for beginners like me. It’s written in taglish and has no “nakakanosebleed” terms in there! Walang mga technical analysis stuff sa librong ‘to. LOL! For those who are into reading, kayang kaya nilang tapusin to in a few hours. Ako, it took me a few days kasi ginagawa ko nga syang pampatulog, haha.

2. Sapul! 
Maraming masasapul ang librong ‘to. Kuhang kuha ni Chinkee yung common na ugaling pinoy pagdating sa pera. ‘Yung nangungutang para may panghanda or pangparty, nangungutang para may pambiling gadgets atbp. lahat yan, diniscuss nya sa libro na ‘to. Talagang ‘di ka makakailag kung ugali mo ang ganun. He kept saying there is no problem with buying the things you want – nagiging problema lang sya kung inuutang mo ang pambili mo or nasasaktan ang budget at savings mo para dito. Ako kahit careful ako pagdating sa pangungutang, in fact, pareho kami ni Dane ayaw ng utang, pero may mga parts parin sa librong ‘to na natatamaan ako. haha. 

3. Funny but straightforward
Nakakawili basahin ang librong ‘to. It speaks nothing but the truth about a typical Filipino attitude when it comes to spending money. Mapapangiti nga talaga kasi totoo ang sinasabi nya e pero prangka kung prangka. I’m surely reading this book again! haha.

4. Makes you reflect
After every end of the chapter, merong 3 questions that will make you reflect on your spending and saving habit. Each topic doesn’t end in rebuking, it will make you come to a decision to do something about your financial life which is really good.

I recommend this book to all who are beginning to learn about saving and investing. Napakadaling intindihin, this book talks about the foundation so this is perfect for people like me who are just starting out.

I hope this helps you if you’re still deciding to purchase this book or not. For those who have read this book – I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

15 Replies to “Book Review: Diary of a Pulubi by Chinkee Tan”

  1. I wish we have financial lessons in school noh, so we know how to save and invest. Late ko na rin narealize na hindi lang pangmayaman ang investing. I also watch Chinkee videos, tawang-tawa ko dun sa "Money is relative. The more money you have, the more relatives you have". Totoo naman di ba, pag may pera ka bigla dumadami kamag-anak mo, nung wala ka pera, di ka nila kilala. hehehe!

  2. I have yet to read Chinkee's books. But I have heard him speak when I attended a homeschool conference a couple of years ago. Nakakatuwa sya pakinggan. Very informative ang talk nya but not boring. Also, he's very inspiring din.

  3. Ive read a few books of Chinkee. Sadly, I wasn't impressed. Not that I am being too harsh, perhaps I wasnt just in the mood to read that book. It has a somehow similar title to a famous book thus turned me off.

  4. I am so happy and learned a lot from this book. Yuh! I agree with the pasapol part kahit iilag kapa tatamaan ka talaga eh. And also the thought of this book is very practical. Thank you gaw sa pagpahiram :*

  5. That is one thing that our education system should start considering! Like you, I really hope merong financial lessons during the early days in school. Parang dito kasi hindi masyadong napag-uusapan ang pera e. Hahaha! Totoo yan, biglang dumadami relatives pag yumayaman daw! kaloka!

  6. Very common practice ang mga tinackle nya sis. We actually hear or experience often. Pero natutuwa parin ako, para lang syang nakikipag chikkahan sakin, ganun ang dating sakin ng book. lol. And yes, Cheers to more financial freedom this 2018! รขโ„ขยฅ

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