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30 Thank You’s on Your 30th

Today is the day the love of my life turns 30.

Waaah! Dalawa nalang mawawala na sa kalendaryo, haha!

Unfortunately, he’s still not with us to celebrate his natal day. Nevertheless, we still celebrate and praise God for His goodness in Dane’s life. Because of this, I’m writing 30 thank you’s to the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life.

     Hi, lab! 

(1) Thank you for being my best friend and (2) lifetime companion. 
(3) Thank you for all your hard work, (4) for your sacrifices, (5) and for staying strong for our family. 
(6) Thank you for being completely frank with me, (7) for sleeping late sometimes for our video chats and (8) for making me laugh even though we’re miles apart. 

(9) Thank you for being a very supportive husband – you always say yes when I tell you something I love to do. (10) Thank you ‘coz I know you work hard to make our relationship work and even if things are getting difficult for you sometimes. (11) I know I’ll always have your back, and for that, thank you! 

(12) Thank you for planning for our future, (13) for praying for us, (14) and for telling me your salary, hahaha! I pray that God will bless our plans and prayers so that together, we will reach our goals. 

(15) Thank you for all the wonderful years we have together since the day we became friends up to now that we’re away and for the years to come. I am so blessed to have you in my life. 

(16) Thank you for the tears we shared together, (17) for buying stuff for me and Nate, (18) for always thinking about us.  Thank you for (19) the balikbayan box, haha! Pero really, thank you, even for that, lab. It’s heartwarming to know that (20) wherever you go, you think about us here. I feel secure knowing that no matter what happens, with God’s help, we can get through this LDR journey together. 

(21) Thank you for the ups (22) and downs, (23) the quarrels and (24) reconciliations and everything else in between. Keep in mind that you are loved, wherever you go. 

(25) Thank you for being understanding, (26) for taking care of us during the time that we’re still together, thank you for (27) being a good father to Nate and (28) a loving husband to me. Thank you for (29) your trust in me and (30) for believing that God will bless our relationship, no matter the distance. 

I love you so much, happy 30th birthday! ♥

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