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My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
Behold, my before and after braces. The photo on the left was during Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication and the photo on the right was after the braces.
Bilang katuwaan, I call myself “toothful” before (from the word “thoughtful”). A term we call someone “full of teeth” because I have a very crooked teeth. At tanggap ko, lol.  I was OK with it. Parang naging trademark ko na sya. haha.

THE CULPRIT: Takot ako magpabunot ng ngipin nung bata pa ako. In our hometown, ‘di uso ang dentist. ‘Yung tatay namin ang nagbubunot ng mga ipin namin.

So what happens when a tooth is “ripe for picking”? – he gets this thread, pinapakapal nya (dun pa lang kinakabahan na ako), and then ties it on the tooth. Pulls it off in a snap! Most of the time, hindi naman masakit yung pagkakabunot but the process was traumatic. So what I did when I had a loose tooth before was I wouldn’t tell anyone, especially tatay. THE RESULT – the secondary tooth grew at the back of the primary tooth, hence, the crooked teeth.

Ang susunod na mga litrato ay posibleng hindi kaaya aya sa paningin, hehe. 
My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
The result of my hard work — years of not telling my tatay I had a loose tooth. There’s the reward, haha!
Let’s zoom in (pasintabi sa mga kumakain)
My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces

I was OK with my teeth before, I knew it was a consequence of not taking care of it. Sadly, I didn’t really give importance to my teeth when I was young – I just thought of it as my personal trademark – “who’s Nilyn? Ahhh, ‘yung ‘di ayos ang ngipin? OK. lol.”

That changed when Dane convinced me to get it fixed. He was like, “Love, magpabraces kaya ako dito (KSA)”. And I went: “no need, OK naman ngipin mo e”. And then he goes to me and said, “ikaw kaya magpabrace, Love, gusto mo?” I was reluctant at first but dinala nya ako sa sales talk nya.

Long story short, I contacted a church mate who was offering an upper and lower braces promo a few years back and asked her for a rate. Funny, they had Valentine’s Day promotion going on so I went to the clinic to get it done.

The rest is history…
My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
Wow! I didn’t realize how crooked they were until I had the braces!

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
The upper teeth were easily fixed. Mas mahirap sa baba. Ang sikip pa so Doc had to fix the “mang-aagaw ng pwesto” first bago mapagtab iuli ang “mag-bestfriend”. *shout out to Nate on the background*

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces 
Five months later, the “bestfriends” are together again! Hoooray! After 10 months, mukhang OK na sya, except for “mang-aagaw ng pwesto” na sobrang tagal ng progress.

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
July this year, “PWEDE NA”

Last month, I decided to have my braces removed. The lower part is not completely fixed yet but I was OK with the result and I am honestly “tired” of it already. So finally, after 1 year and 8 months, I AM FREEEE! yaaay!

My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces
One of my teeth has a stain na ‘di kayang tanggalin ng fluoride. Any tips on how to whiten this is highly appreciated! ♥

Was I happy with the result? Yes, I was.

Ako yung tipong “kita-gilagid” pag ngumiti. The dentist offered to extract 4 teeth to change the profile of my face, para daw mas pasok na ang ngipin ko, and no more gilagid pag nag smile. I didn’t do it. Why? Because it means another 2 or 3 yrs with braces on. We have plans for next year which could mean na hindi na ako makakavisit monthly for the regular adjustment. Secondly, my friend said, sayang daw ang 4 na ngipin kung di naman sira. Minsan, lumuluwag daw sila, and that’s what happened to her. So I chose not to do it anymore. Maging happy nalang at naayos ang ngipin. 🙂

So what should you expect when getting braces? Here are a few things I learned during my (I call it) braces journey:


The rate varies from one dentist to another but it is in the range of Php 25,000 – Php 130,000 if I’m not mistaken (mine was at a promotional price of 25k). You pay a small amount as a downpayment (mine was 5k DP) and pay the remaining balance during your regular visit.


After malagay ang braces, kumain kana ng marami because the pain doesn’t occur immediately after. Expect it to start the following day. So lamon na, bes!

3. SALIVA HERE and THERE (lol, excuse me lang)

OK, this may not happen to most people with new braces on but during the first night, I was so unprepared. I woke up with, errrm, a lot of saliva on the pillow. EWWW! Just being honest here, haha! That lasted for about a week. After that, nakapag adjust na yung bibig ko.


Soft toothbrushes help greatly, especially during the first few weeks that you have your braces on. Sa sobrang sakit nya, wag mo ng dagdagan ang parusa ‘pag nagtu-toothbrush.


Ugh! Expect this one too! Those braces can hurt really bad!


It’s not true na hindi ka makakakain ng rice during the adjustment phase. Oatmeal is advisable, pero di ko kinaya ang oatmeal. So kumuha ako ng rice, nilagyan ko ng maraming sabaw, kinain ko without chewing. lol!


The pain lasts for 2 weeks up to a month. First & second week, soooobrang sakit, you can take pain reliever ‘pag di na talaga kaya. You can also drink cold water para mahimasmasan kahit papano, at samahan mo na rin ng dasal, lol! Third week, don’t worry, unti unti na ‘yang kakalma. Later on, kada adjust nalang sya medyo may mararamdaman kang sakit.


When it comes to food – say goodbye to chewy foods like gum, caramel, gummy bears, Mentos, Chubby, Frutos, etc. Don’t eat soft bones, kung mahilig ka nyan, babye muna. Ilang beses natanggal ang bracket ko because of eating my fave Jollibee Chickenjoy, lol!


‘Pag may braces, more likely, di mo na mabubuksan ang sachet ng shampoo gamit ang ngipin mo. Pati na rin yung mga junk foods, putukin mo nalang or gamit ka gunting, haha.


Lastly, expect tinga tinga when eating! Lol! Well, meron naman talaga yan but when you have braces, it’s doubled, even tripled, haha! So bring toothbrush or gargle thoroughly after eating.

Other people think na pa-tweetums lang ang braces. Although some people really do it dahil “in” or “cool” daw, I mean kung may pera naman sila, why not, di ba? But many are still doing it to get their teeth fixed.I’m glad there are ways to fix crooked teeth. Thanks to Dr. Viray of Viray Dental Clinic for helping me achieve a better smile. Her clinic is located in Novaliches, QC.

If there’s any advice I can tell the kids – it’s “wag matakot magpabunot”. Take care of your teeth when you’re young. Kasi ‘pag matanda na saka pa aalagaan, it’s gonna be a lot more expensive. 🙂


0 Replies to “My TOOTHful Story + What to Expect When Getting Braces”

  1. Yay, ganda na ng teeth mo Nilyn! Has your dentist said anything about stain removal? Ang alam ko kayang kaya nila yan eh. My sister's teeth are sungki and she currently has braces, too. Matagal2 pa hihintayin nya lol!

  2. Thanks for this detailed post about having braces. I have kids na mukhang need ng braces. Pero still waiting to see if mag-adjust pa teeth nila. Yung iba unti-unti pang umaayos. What age kaya pwede mag-braces? Thinking about the budget also. Yung dentist namin 15k downpayment then 1k per month. Madugong gastos ito.

  3. With or without the braces, you will always have that beautiful smile. Ive been used to seeing you with those metal on your teeth. Un pala itsura dati. Ihihi. Such a supportive husband, maging sa braces tlagang todo support

  4. Natawa naman ko sa babala mo. hehehe! I also need braces, may sungki ako sa lower part and my husband has been convincing me for years to have it fixed. But I'm scared, takot ako sa pain and reading your post, at least nagkaidea ako ng what to expect. Mura yung sayo, sa lahat ng natanungan ko, minimum P40k na yung pinakamura na quote sa akin.

  5. Ang galing. You have that perfect smile na sulit ang tiis ganda di ba? Si Daddy A nga gusto din nya pa-brace para sa lower teeth nya na may sungki kaya lang marami ngang bawal saka mahal, kuripot mode lang hehe. Pero mura na yun price na nakuha mo a. Pwede na, hehe.

  6. Tiis ganda it is! I can relate on the pulling of teeth though. Kahit may family dentist kami, pag madali na maalis ipin, di na kami nagpapadentist. I haven't tried, my siblings lang. Takot talaga kasi ako, kahit sa dentist. Congrats finally TOOTHFUL 🙂

  7. All she said was she tried to get rid of it using flouride, kaso di daw kaya, parang sumanib na daw yung stain sa ngipin, lol. She recommended na butasan at ipasta, I'm not really comfortable doing that. I'm sure soon enough, your sister will have a nice teeth na din, like you. 😉

  8. Awww, medyo mahalya yung sa dentist nyo, sis. I hope mag adjust pa para no need na braces. 🙂 I'm not sure sa age e, pero I've seen some na may braces na at 8 or 9 yrs old.

  9. Ang galing naman! Tiis ganda talaga 🙂 I am careful when it comes to teeth, lalo na that my kids are starting to get their permanent teeth na. Ayoko din sila mag-braces eh.

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