The Pros and Cons of Rescheduled Flights

Our flight schedules with Cebu Pacific this coming December have been rebooked not once, not twice but thrice now. Will it be rescheduled again? That I do not know, we’ll see.

Sometimes, they change the day, sometimes, they just change the hour of flight. Although we’re notified via email and text for every schedule change, my sister is quite pissed about it already. It doesn’t really bother me for some reason because I can reschedule once at no cost. These recent schedule changes seem like a blessing in disguise.

The good side: 
Rescheduled flights let you rebook at your most convenient schedule. Many tickets are purchased because of airfare promo. All our tickets going home are discounted. When you book a seat sale, it’s the price over the schedule that matters.

For instance, our flight to Davao this December was originally booked on a Wednesday because it was the only available date left with a cheaper price. The last time we were there was in 2015 so I really wanted to visit my family again. I grabbed the seat sale it and planned to just take the day off to accommodate the flight. Thankfully, it was changed so I rescheduled it on a Monday morning instead, which is a lot more convenient for me.

Not only that, our flight going home was also rescheduled so I booked a connecting flight instead from Davao to Manila so we just meet Dane at the airport and we can fly to Leyte together. That cost us a lot of savings because we don’t need to buy another ticket anymore. Side story – Dane couldn’t go to Davao with us because there was a conflict in hisVL.

Aside from that, airlines sometimes also offer a courtesy to other customers. They give some customers a credit for their next flight. Sometimes, they also offer free accommodation for those with canceled flights.

The downside: 
Unfortunately, flight schedule changes are more of an inconvenience to most passengers. Many passengers plan their itinerary months before because of their work – the VLs and all that stuff. This is why a schedule change can be very stressful to some. Local flight changes are a little more acceptable but international flights can make someone go scratching their heads.

Delayed flights, on the other hand, are nothing but a pain. Our flights have been delayed several times and it’s a complete waste of time. However, canceled flights are still the worst. I haven’t experienced one and I wish I won’t have to.

Have you had any flights rescheduled by the airline? How was it? Was it more of an inconvenience or a convenience for you?

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  1. I dont enjoy resched flights. I used to travel a lot at my previous post and I hate it when my flight was cancelled. That means I need to wait for another day to see my boys. Nway, we seem cannot do anything about it than accept and smile. Hello hometown on December then. We're gonna miss you.

  2. I dislike resched flights too. We've experienced that before, yung nasa airport ka na bago mo nalaman na nabago yung sked niyo. Good thing delayed di ba, e paano kung early yung sked, naiwan pa kami ng plane. They sent the email few hrs before our flight. Mas worst pa yung canceled flights, nakakastress magstay sa airport.

  3. I cant remember if I experienced having rescheduled flights – but I think this will really be an inconvenience for me. Delayed flight nga, super hassle na. Good thing, it worked out better for you and your family.

  4. Haven't tried rescheduling our flight, it's free on the first reschedule date. That's good to know at least no hassle at hindi masakit sa bulsa. And good to know that you'll be having a family vacation. Yay!

  5. I’m sorry but after that really bad experience with Cebu Pacific a couple of years ago, I never booked with them again. It’s a long story but basically a rescheduled/bumped off flight too and we missed 2 days in one country but already paid for our hotel there. I don’t want to remember that experience! My only advice is to never book CebuPac again haha! Siguro for domestic nalang but never international.

  6. We had, but naging mas convenient din sya on our part (PAL) mas earlier ung flight namin kaya mas marami kaming nagawa nung Day 1 sa Cebu, kesa sa original na after lunch 🙂

    Enjoy your family vacay sis!

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