Purchases Using my Rewards Cards

I have a few rewards cards that I use on my purchases to get points, just like the majority of moms here in the Philippines. 🙂 I don’t really think about redeeming my points because I thought they were too low to use as payment. However, the past weekend was different. A purchase in SM San Mateo made me decide to check the points on my other rewards cards so I could use them for my purchases instead.

SM Advantage Card
During the weekend, I decided to drop by SM San Mateo before going to my dentist to get my retainer. I planned on buying a new pair of shoes for Nate – Dane’s suggestion since he only has a pair of shoes left. The rest of his shoes were either destroyed or he outgrew them already.

I also planned to buy a few stuff for myself. I call it a treat for the holiday, lol! Before going to the cashier, one saleslady assisted me on my purchase and advised me to use my SM advantage card as it’s the best time to use it for their ongoing promo where you get twice your advantage card reward points.

My SM advantage card point during that time was 160, it was deducted from my total purchase. After paying, I was lead to customer service for a voucher of the same amount that I can use the same day. Perfect as I haven’t purchased my sandals yet. I got a total of Php320 off my total order. I wish I had more points, lol!

Mercury Drug Suki Card
An online post from Mommy Pehpot encouraged me to check my rewards card points from my Mercury Drug Suki card also to see if I could avail of their 2018 planner. I know I am not consistent when it comes to maintaining my planner but who knows, maybe this time I can use it the entire 2018, ‘di ba? lol!

To my surprise, I had more than enough points to avail of Mercury Drug’s planner. Weee! I had 52 points while each planner only needs 30. So I got 1 planner using my suki card points then purchased Kotex pads to get additional 10 points for another planner which I plan to use as a holiday present.

Ever Saver’s card
Funny I thought I lost this card already! I didn’t realize I lost it when I applied for a UITF account in BPI. When I went back to BPI, the teller told me she kept my card. Buti nalang! lol! After I got my Mercury Drug planner, I went to a small ever grocery store on the other side of the road to make a few grocery purchase.

I decided to use my card again, I didn’t even know if my points pa ang card na ‘to. Well, turns out I had 50 points! Yay! Ever since we moved to San Mateo, ‘di ko na nagagamit ang card na ‘to. I’m happy I got 50 pesos off my total order just because the teller from BPI decided to keep my card :).

I’m happy I was able to use my points for my purchases. These rewards cards are a great way to get rebates on our in-store orders. We don’t even realize the points we get just by using them – maaappreciate mo nalang when you decide to use your rewards card as your mode of payment.

What rewards card do you have? Baka may maganda pang card na pwedeng idagdag sa collection ko. LOL!

11 Replies to “Purchases Using my Rewards Cards”

  1. I like it when I can redeem points for my cash purchases using a rewards card. Kahit saan yata meron na — SM, Robinsons, Puregold, Jollibee, Shakeys… puro rewards card na nga laman ng wallet ko.

  2. Oh… I love to get discounts no matter the amount. Kahit 50 pesos off ok na. Especially, if I am really buying naman. Love that Mercury planner. My sister on law has one and I am so impressed with it.

  3. Malaki din talagang naitulong ng mga ganitong discounted cards ano? Di ko pa na check ang sm ko ang ever card ko medyo malaki na yon pang new yr. Ang sa mercury naman bukas check ko na. Excited na din ako sa planner nila. Salamat gaw sa mag inform sa updates hahaha!lalo na sa Sm advantage card ma e X2 nila ang points.

  4. I love discount cards! Same as you din, I was able to double my SM points, pero ang konti lang kasi ginagamit namin minsan. hehe. Sayang sana di ko muna ginamit. I have a Mercury Drug card too! Try ko nga pa check ang points if I can get the planner. It looks cute. Maganda ba yung laman? 🙂

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