November 1st

So here I am, sitting in front of my work table, thinking whether I should write, sleep, or reminisce… 

Today, I’m not supposed to be in this room. 
The fact that I didn’t make it to our fellowship makes me feel sad. I intentionally planned to take the day off but due to an unexpected reason, I am here — unable to leave the house, feeling blue. 

The weather seems to have coordinated with my feelings pretty well. It has been raining straight since yesterday and I’m not sure whether this feeling is because of the bed weather or if it’s just my hormones. 

I was hoping a movie can somehow suffice what I feel but alas! My internet has been acting up since last night – including two of my internet backups. 

Why am I feeling this? What have I eaten? When did this start? Am I overthinking again? My heart feels empty and I don’t even know why. I hate feeling like this. I don’t even know how to “fix” this. 

I am tired and unhappy. Perhaps it’s the routine here at home. Or the loud karaoke playing in the neighborhood, or the fact that I don’t have enough sleep yet. I need something to lift my spirit up. Perhaps a hug from Nate, a yummy meryenda, a quick read and a quiet time will do.

One thing’s for sure – this feeling is not productive and I need to do something about it. 

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  1. Maybe the weather, nakakatamad kumilos pag maulan. Sembreak week namin, akala ko makakapagblog din ako pero wala rin ko natatapos. hehehe! Just take a rest and soon, you will be productive again.

  2. We all go through that kind on mood. When I am in such mood, I watch a feel good movie or nice youtube videos. I hope by the time you are reading my comment you are already in high spirit. Virtual hug!!!

  3. I feel the same way too sometimes. Do more things that make you happy Sis like playing your favorite music, watch your favorite movie, go out, hang out with friends. Virtual hug and I hope everything is good by the time you read my comments. No space and sadness sa beauty natin Sis. Smile and Enjoy life!:)

  4. Awww, Nilyn. I hope you feel better now. We all feel this way every so often. What works for me is watching my favorite TV shows. It helps distract me from my life for a few hours. After that, okay na. 🙂

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