Life Lately…

Once again, I took a break from blogging (and even posting on my social media). I just don’t feel like doing any of it lately. Could be my hormones, lol!

If you have been reading my blog for quite a while, you know that I take a pause from writing here. After all, blogging is not a race nor a competition. For me, it is an online journal that I can use every time I want to share tidbits of my life.

During the time that I was not blogging, I’ve been chatting with Dane for hours every day after our tiresome work. It always feels good to talk to your spouse, it’s the essence of marriage in the first place. It doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t talk before, we just had more time now. It’s one way for me to de-stress from mula sa pagod sa pagtatrabaho.

Nate and I finally got our passports last week of October and I’m happy that our passport concern is finally over. Thanks to our tiresome and long Lucena travel and appointment. It’s a tick off my to-do list, I can finally move on. lol.

Another turning point in our lives is when Dane and I came up with a decision to be able to to cut cost and save more. It’s not sure pa naman but it is 90% going to happen. I will share more about it ‘pag sure na. It will be mid-year next year and my prayer is that God will bless this plan. We’ve been talking about this lately and excited about it. Pero ayun nga, if it’s God’s plan, then it will happen, if not, He surely has another plan which is far better than ours.

It is true that the only thing that cannot be changed is CHANGE itself. There are decisions we do that we never even think of before. May mga plano na akala mo yun na talaga but suddenly, things, plans and decision change for the better. That’s just how it goes. If there’s a challenge, we just put that game face on and be ready for the fight :).

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  1. Same here sis, medyo I am not into blogging lately. It must be I am very busy with work and also taking care of our home. Mahirap pagsabayin talaga and I thought I am good with multitasking, but it cost na my health. Anyways, kapag may blog opp grab ko pa din naman and I am thankful they keep coming. Hopefully, I get back to track again. Medyo stressed lang sa work kasi 🙂 God bless you sis.

  2. Blogging is a tiresome hobby din, especially today. Back then, medyo personal blogs pa mostly pero now, it feels like most use it for business. I've been on hiatus din because—life. Lol. I took a break for years nga! I'm just back now. hehe. Pero sometimes, it's worth it. We need a break din to focus on the more important things. 🙂

  3. The only thing constant in life is change. 🙂 So, whatever changes you guys are planning for your life, I wish you the best. Sounds like it's gonna be an exciting 2018 for your family. 🙂

  4. You're so right about everything you mentioned from blogging to taking a break. No wonder why now lang kita nakilala, ngayon lang tayo nagpang-abot, sis. Maybe, by the time you were on hiatus, dun siguro ako nagstart may blog, hehe.

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