Lucy? Nah! A Point Meant. :)

Sa ‘di inaasahang pagkakataon, kami ay napadpad sa Lucena ni Nate isang araw ng Sabado para sa appointment namin sa Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ok, how? Ganito kasi ‘yun:

1. June 2017, I checked the DFA website for any appointment available so I can renew my passport and apply one for Nate.

2. To my surprise, walang available na appointment sa lahat (Yes! Lahat ng DFA branches sa Manila!).

3. Late June 2017, I checked the website again and poof! It became Koko Crunch! Just kidding, haha! May available appointment! yay! The soonest? September 11, 2017.So sige, book na book. This is for DFA Megamall.

4. September 11 came – too bad, Nate was so sick, I had to take him to the hospital to be checked. Muntik pa akong tumuloy sa Megamall para lang mapuntahan ang appointment namin. I decided not to go later on. In my mind, that time, was for Nate to get healed right away.

5. October 2, we went to DFA Cubao to avail of the priority lane since Nate is below 7 years old. NASAKTAN LANG AKO. Sinaksak ng guard ng paulit ulit ang puso ko, ayaw nya ako papasukin kasi wala daw akong valid na appointment. I already explained that Nate was sick on Sept. 11, kaya di kami natuloy and he was all-ears-closed on me. I gave up and go home so Nate could be circumcised. My next plan was to either: A. call DFA Megamall to let us through since dun naman talaga appointment namin, B. Call DFA Cubao and verify what the guard told me, whatever, what’s more important ay makapag-apply na kami. C. Check the site again for any available appointment.

12. We didn’t have so much time anymore, we need the passports by January or else, sayang ang mga gastos namin. We won’t be here in Rizal half of December since we’re visiting my hometown. I was too stressed to think, this was the very same day Nate was circumcised, kaya di ako makapag isip ng matino.

13. I told Dane, “kahit sa Baguio pa ‘yang available na appointment, basta meron, pupuntahan ko na!”. Kasi kahit ako nalang muna tapos habol na lang si Nate, kahit ano, basta makuha namin passports on time. I checked the DFA site again and searched for Lucena – wow, God must have heard my tired heart – He gave me an available appointment for October 9-14, what a relief! Sa wakas! ♥ So I booked for October 14, not realizing na dapat nasa Bataan pala kami ng araw na ‘to for our school’s founding anniversary. So I had to cancel that. I chose Saturday because it’s my off.

14. This gave Nate 2 weeks to heal from his circumcision. But just like other boys, the “tomato” friend came, lol! Hindi pa sya magaling talaga, binitbit ko lang and we left early for Lucena on Saturday. May low-pressure pa nung time na ‘yun ang lakas ng ulan!

15. We arrived at the DFA office at around 12:30. Our appointment was supposed to be for 2PM but they let us in right away because of Nate (‘coz again, kids below 7yo ar a priority).

16. Thirty minutes or less was all it took for us to complete everything! It was super quick! I really wished sa malapit lang kami nakapag-apply and we could’ve saved a lot of time, and money, and effort. Pero like what I mentioned, kahit saan na, basta matapos lang ang application namin. Pinadeliver ko na din, of course! haha.

17. We ate immediately after and traveled back home. We arrived at 10:30 PM sa bahay. It was among the most tiresome travel we did. The entire day was spent commuting. I’m so happy it’s finally over. Oh, not yet. ‘Pag delivered na, saka pa lang talaga ako makakatalon sa tuwa! lol.

18. I just learned from Michi that few of her friends na parents were able to avail of the priority lane even without an appointment when they took their kids to DFA (different branches though), balikan ko kaya si Kuya guard at awayin ko? haha.

Charot lang. Bahala na sya sa buhay nya, ang importante nalang sakin, natapos din ang application namin.  Sorry about my long rant! haha.

How about you, how was your DFA appointment? ‘Wag gumaya sakin na hinintay ang last minute bago nag apply para di mahirapan, lol!

Btw, “Lucy? Nah! A Point Meant” is Lucena Appointment. Wala maisip na title e. lol.

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  1. Expired na rin ang passport ko at ng mga kids. But we are not planning any travel overseas so hindi pa naman urgent. Maybe when we need it, we'll renew. Pero hopefully hindi naman last minute processing.

  2. Glad that you finally got Nate a passport. Well, almost since I'm sure you are still waiting for it to be delivered. Good thing you mentioned that priority lane if you are going to apply for a child's passport. I will take note of that. Btw, you are one great mama for enduring all hassle just to get Nate a passport. Galing mo sis!

  3. I suck at processing documents. I hate it. Haha. I've been doing it since grade 5, I think. Going to DFA with my mom or aunt…college days ako nalang. Ubos ang isang araw pero wala pa sa kalahati natatapos sa sobrang haba ng pila. Nakakaiyak. Ang layo pa ng uwian ko. Haha
    When I was already working, I've learned of kabayan centers or global centers ba yon in Robinson's dasma, the closest to our place. Sila ang magpprocess lahat. I had to wait for 7 days for rush. Around 350pesos per document yata. And I loved it ever since. If you will compute it, the transpo, food, exhaustion, mas ok na yung magbayad ng magaasikaso. They will just send a message when it's ready to be picked up in the center. Super gaan sa buhay. Haha It also works for all the other documents like birth certificate, marriage, etc. Lalo na ngayon may kids ako na mga dala. Ang hirap pag pumila sa dfa. 🙂

  4. Grabe hirap niyo sa pagkuha ng passport pero good thing natapos na rin. I also know someone na pumunta din diyan sa DFA Lucena para lang makarenew ng passport, naghotel na lang para less pagod. I hope by the time na magrenew kami, okay na. Next yr 10yrs na validity ng passport so sana mabawasan na pila.

  5. A lesson learned to renew as early as possible. Hehe. Pero the thing is, most of us never bothered not until may paggagamitan na, right? Sayang din kasi yung validity if wala pang plan to travel.

  6. I heard na taken daw lahat ng appointments sa DFA because of the agencies. I don't know how true that is though. Planning to get my little boys their own passports too and renew mine probably next year. Sana hindi kami mahirapan kumuha ng appointment.

  7. Soooobrang hirap pumila na may bata! Di lang sa DFA kundi kahit saan. Kahit sa grocery, lol! I'm glad the PH gov't is making it errrm, easier? Now with the branches they open. I just really hope, the online appointment will have more slots.

  8. Yes, at least as early as 1 year before! lol. 'Coz I started working on it since June, pahirapan talaga sa appointment online. And yes, you're right din, sis. Sayang talaga din validity. Good thing next year, 10 years na sya.

  9. I think that's true! And before daw pala, sis, no need na mag appointment ang mga kakilala ng mga empleyado ng DFA, I'm not sure if that's true, but if it is, wow! Buti pa sila.

  10. Nagulat ako nong nagpost ka na papunta kayo ng Lucena. Fully booked na lahat ng schedule hanggang December, parang pahirap ng pahirap na ngayon mag process ng docs ah. Buti nalang at may Lucena pano nalang ang January trip? Thank God at tuloy ang kaligayahan! Cheers!

  11. Hala grabe ang layooo. I have processing docs, which reminds me malapit next year narin mageexpired yong passport namin. Will process my daughter's passport too. Sana di kami mahirapan kumuha ng appointment. Nung nagprocess mabilis pag online. Pero winner ang title ah! Paulit-ulit ko binasa. Nyahaha

  12. Hirap nga talga mag book ng appointment sa DFA. I have to go to Bacolod pa to have mine renewed, pero malapit lang naman sa Iloilo yun so I took a vacation nlg at the same time. Lol. Sana magbago na to!

  13. The last time (2 years ago) my husband renewed his passport madali pa. I heard mahirap na nga daw ngayon because maraming hinahanap na docs. I hope hindi nga kami mahirapan. God bless.

  14. Wow ang layo! Grabe dinayo niyo talaga. Ako araw-araw din ako nagcheck sa DFA website hanggang makakuha ng slot. Tapos nalaman ko pwede naman pala walk in sa DFA Aseana hahaha. Nag-apply din kami last September sa DFA Megamall. Wala naman hassle. 🙂 Minsan mahirap yung ganyan, biglang may nagkakasakit kapag may importanteng pupuntahan. Buti okay na si Nate!

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