Wednesday Wreview: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Trinoma

What’s good about meeting with co-bloggers? Not only that you get to talk about something you are all interested in which is, of course, blogging, they also understand that you need to go somewhere you’ve never been yet so you can review it. Lol!

So finally, after many rescheduled dates, we meet again – Mhaan of Mommy Rockin’ in Style, Madz of Mommy ‘n More, Berlin of Momi Berlin and me.  Too bad, Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries couldn’t make it (at dahil dyan, pachibog ka, mayora! Lol).

We met in Trinoma and when they ask where we’d dine, I told Madz and Berlin to take me to a place I’ve never been there yet so I can also blog about it. They took me to Vanilla Cupcake.

I ordered their sisig meal for Php 198 and cold chocolate drink for Php 98. We spent at least two hours there but with all the blog topics we talked about, it feels like we’ve only talked for 30 minutes. Ah, I wish we could stay longer! Nonetheless, it was great, as always, to see them again.

Mhaan of Mommy Rockin’ in StyleBerlin of Momi Berlin, yours truly and Madz of Mommy ‘n More

Here’s my short review on Vanilla Cupcake in Trinoma Mall, brought to you by Mommy Rockin’ in Style, Mommy ‘n More and Momi Berlin, lol!

👍 The place is chic! It’s perfect for girlfriend bonding, baby showers, and any other female-related gatherings.
👍 Wall and interior designs are charming, they are all IG-worthy. I love that they have verses and quotes posted all over the place. You’ll feel the positive aura the moment you step in.



👍 The food is tasty and reasonable. I am satisfied with my order of sisig meal with sunny side up and cold chocolate drink. I can say sulit ang binayad ko when it comes to food.
👍 The staffs were accommodating and kind. Although they didn’t do anything that exceeds my expectation, they were definitely not rude either.

Cold choco: Php 98 (L), Sisig Meal: Php 198 (R)

👎The place was not cold enough. Berlin and Mhaan both mentioned it. And I agree, it was a bit hot when we were there.
👎One of the staffs forgot to take Berlin’s order of choco drink, she still had to follow up with them after a few minutes of waiting. And when they were asked, they were a bit confused as they thought they’ve already served us all our orders. Medyo awkward lang kasi the manager and the staff were discussing in front of us to confirm whether we were missing an order.

In this world full of sadness, choose happiness. ♥
Bonus: Nate amazed at baby Sam 🙂

Will I visit Vanilla Cupcake again? I would love to. I’m sure there are other delicious foods I haven’t tried on their menu yet.

Have you tried dining at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery? How was your experience?

35 Replies to “Wednesday Wreview: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Trinoma”

  1. Meeting with friends over chicka and food really warms the heart and soul. It is like a medicine. We may be experiencing pain but then after the meet up, everything's gone. Pati sweldo naubos na sa order. Ehehe. Nice seeing you and hope we could do this at least once a month. Budgetan na ng oras at pera yan.

  2. Meeting with friends is really nice, di mo talaga namamalayan ang oras. I like Vanilla Cupcake too but I haven't tried their meals, puro cupcake pa lang nabili ko dito. True, pang IG yung place nila. hehehe!

  3. How cool that their interior design looks the same as the one here in Baguio as well. 🙂

    They're not very popular here though, because there are a lot of other cafes that offer better food and better drinks and better service, it's nice to visit once for the decor and the photo op moments though. 😛

    How rude of them to be discussing whether your order is complete or not within your ear shot. Geez.

  4. Sounds great to meet with fellow bloggers. I'm new and I hope to meet bloggers too. By the way, the place looks nice and very chic. I think I will visit this soon 🙂

  5. I love pastries and instagram-worthy cafes, I've been wanting to try to dine in Vanilla Cupcake but the cafe is always jampacked. Oh well, gotta try in Alabang much nearer sa bahay. I'm so kilig seeing you and other known mommy bloggers together, I haven't tried attending events, sana soon so that I can meet you momshies.

  6. I can relate to meeting up with fellow bloggers! You just never run out of topics and ideas to discuss and talk about. This place is absolutely IG worthy and gives me the "feel-good" vibe just by looking at the photos! Would love to visit soon.

  7. I'm far from trinoma but I do get to visit a couple of times there when I have events. The place looks so cute and IG worthy! I hope to be able to try some food there soon when I come up north hehehe

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