On Call, BRB

Nate and I have been sick since late last week. Although I have recovered already, Nate’s situation got worse. With that, I decided to take him to the hospital earlier today. His Pedia said he has Urinary Tract Infection and pneumonia (again, even after he had a pneumonia vaccine shot).

He was almost admitted to the hospital, good thing, the just recommended meds. Thank goodness! Akala ko maadmit na naman! Siguro ‘di ganun kalala ang sakit? Nonetheless, I hope he gets better, I know he will, with God’s (the greatest physician’s) help. The weather nowadays is making many people sick again. I’ve seen so many people having either a cough or colds when I go out. So, let’s all take care of ourselves. In the mean time, I will be on hiatus in blogging until things get better.

Until then!

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  1. Sorry to hear you guys got sick. My baby nephew actually got hospitalized over the past weekend due to pneumonia. The weather is really the cause of a lot of sickness these days. Hope you guys feel a lot better soon.

  2. Get well soon to both of you. I was not feeling well last week din pero at least I'm okay now. Hirap talaga magkasakit noh, lalo na kung wala ibang kasama sa house.

  3. Take care always. Seems you need to relax as well. Sometimes, all we need is some fresh air and new environment.
    It helps in the healing process, I guess. So tara, kita kits ulit ng mawala ang sakit. Ehehe.

  4. Is he okay now? ๐Ÿ™ For coughs, try mo lagi rub ng aceite alcanforado sa chest and back, if he's not allergic to it. Two years na hindi inuubo panganay ko kasi alaga ko sa ganyan. And always take enough rest, pati na rin vitamin Cs. Minsan hindi talaga maiiwasan magkasakit, so just hang on. I wish you and your family good health sis!

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