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Life Lessons from Shoes

People love shoes. I mean, who doesn’t anyway? On TV, we see celebrities showcasing their thousand pairs of shoes and it’s incredible how many pairs they get when we only have two feet. Lol!

No, I’m not writing this to judge them, haha! They’re celebrities and part of their job is to look presentable most, if not all of the time. I’m writing this to talk about the lessons I learned along the way that is related to shoes.

Singing contest and the loose shoes
When I was in elementary, I was picked to be a contestant in a singing contest. Nope, I didn’t win, lol! I barely remember that day but one thing that’s still clear on my mind was I was wearing loose shoes at that time.

Walking with loose shoes is challenging and it added to the nerves that I felt that day. But I still, had to give it my best so I did. Sometimes, things do not go the way we want it to. It can be frustrating but we just have to still go on with it, even if things don’t go our way.

The first impression
I read somewhere that our shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about us, hence, we should wear nice shoes. I do not adhere to this. First, because I don’t have a lot of pairs of shoes, lol. Second is, I still go with what I can only afford.

Although I don’t see anything wrong with wearing nice shoes as long as I didn’t steal it or loan money just to get it. We can dress to impress or just wear a plain and simple outfit, it’s completely up to us. After all, most first impressions don’t last.

The ‘flat’ wedding shoes
Dane is just about an inch or two taller than me so if I wear shoes with heels, even if it’s just 3-inches, I would be taller than him already. I didn’t want to look taller than him in our wedding photos so I wore flat, white shoes instead. Not that it really matters to him, I can wear stiletto heels or leopard print shoes if I want to but it was just my own prerogative to wear flat shoes on our wedding day.

I know it’s just a small thing to others but it took me time to decide on that. I had this mindset that brides look great when they’re in heels and most brides wear heels. It was like I was just trying to follow the norm. But we don’t really have to go with the flow all the time. And being different is not a crime. In fact, those people who are different, stand out. We can choose to be unique in this world full of ‘sabay sa uso’.

It’s funny how even a small thing like our shoes can remind us of so many wonderful memories and lessons. Do you have any ‘shoe story’ you want to share? Feel free comment below. 🙂

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