Life Lately: Healing and Extended KSA Stay

Last week, I was down with colds and Nate with a cough. I gave myself a time off blogging to heal and take care of Nate. Praise God we are both healed now. Tomorrow, we’ll go back to Nate’s pediatrician for a follow-up. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Even though exclusively breastfed for 6 months, I find Nate to catch a cough easily. He’s probably got it from Dane who has asthma.

I still hope Nate can win over it as he grows up. Hoping and praying for that.

Yesterday, Dane and I celebrated our 8th year and 11 months as a couple. Next month, we’ll be celebrating our 9th year of love (and war, lol). Unbelievable how time flies. Now, we are a family of three already.

107 months later and I am still deeply in love with my man. ♥

Speaking of my man, Dane’s contract is supposed to end this month and by the second week of October, the latest, he’d already been home.


Plans, circumstances and things change. We mutually decided that he renew his contract so we can save more and start investing for our family and for the future. It was not an easy decision to make but we know it’s for the better.

Because of that, Dane will only be home for 40 days. Since we already have travel plans for January, he needs to extend until December. Which also means, he won’t be home for our 9th anniversary.

It’s alright. As long as he comes home this year. 😀

How’s your life lately?

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  1. Medyo busy lately so no time to blog. Good to know that Dane will be home. In God's time your family will be complete again. Anyway, for Nate naman, morning sunshine is very effective to make his lungs stronger. Basta right after bath, paaraw likod nya. Pratying you'll get well soon.

  2. 40 days is still better than nothing. Sometimes as parents we really gotta do what we gotta do. Sacrifices have to be made one way or another. As long as you guys are united in your decisions, I'm sure you'll do fine. 🙂

  3. Aww congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! Sigh, the sacrifices we make for our children… don't worry I'm sure it will all pay off in the future – figuratively and literally hehe 🙂

    Regarding your kiddo's cough, uso talaga ngayon. Even kids who don't usually get sick get a cold/cough because of the weather. Just drink lots of water and get a lot of rest.

  4. I wish you and your husband more blessings and happiness together. My husband worked in KSA too when were newly married. He stayed there for 4 years. A difficuly 4 years (though he gets to come home twice a year). Hirap pa ng communications noon. No skype, no facebook. A phone call is so expensive we would write each others letter (lenghy ones). When I got pregnant, we decided he stay here for good. It was a blessing he got a good job (though it was just half his paycheck abroad) that got us through.

  5. Congrats and advance happy 9th anniversary to both of you. Parents will do everything for their children and it's ok you'll be together naman this year. 🙂

    About the blog time-off blogging, I've been sick for 3 days and no blogging night for me too. Good thing, I have no fever but still suffering from cough. Grabe init at lamig ngayon.

  6. Wow, that's definitely a long, dreadful 4 years, sis! But it's worth all the sacrifice, no? I'm happy that you don't have to be apart because of work now. I strongly believe that will happen to us as well.

  7. Hope both you and Nate are all better already. The past few weeks have been filled with all kinds of viruses also in our household. Grrr! Anyway, it's so brave of both you and Dane to make huge sacrifices for your family. It must be really tough. Hang in there! God bless! 🙂

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