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From Head to Post: Tools I Use in Blogging

If I am to compare my blog posts now versus when I started blogging, I can say 100% that my blogs are a lot better now. Although most of my posts are still personal, I want to be able to help others at the same time as well.

What started as an online diary is now something I consider an additional source of income. No, not a big amount if you ask. I’m not a famous blogger, lol! But with everything happening online, even a blog that’s not so well-known as mine can go worldwide! And this is why I’m trying to post helpful posts every now and then. Aside from that, I also want my blog to get more search results in return.

So what tools do an ordinary blogger like me regularly use before I could publish my post? Let me share them with you πŸ™‚ Please note that these apply to my evergreen posts (or contents that are continually relevant).

1. Idea – one of the reasons why blogs and websites get a high ranking is because they produce excellent contents. No, I don’t have excellent contents but I’m trying to write valuable posts :). Many times I would run out of ideas on what to post. Sometimes, I have an idea but it’s not enough so I learn more about it.

Google Alerts – For post ideas, I find Google Alerts helpful. Every day, I get emails from Google Alerts about a topic I want to be informed. One of my posts from Google Alerts is “Let Kids Be Kids” VS “Because I Said So.”

Aside from Google Alerts, I also get help from Google, Reader’s Digest, HuffPost and more.

2. Writing – I am not a professional writer (sorry for my grammar lapses, lol) and I am not a native English speaker. When it’s time to start writing, I am thankful for free websites like Grammarly which help me double check any possible mistakes. I am only using the free version, not the premium one.

3. Stock photos – Back then, I thought I could already breathe happily after writing. No, it doesn’t end there. Most of the time, I use personal photos but if I can’t find any for my post, I use free stock photos. There are three websites I usually check for free photos: Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.

4. Cover photo design – Ok, now that I have the photos, you’re thinking, this time, I can already publish my post, right? Alas, NO! I also want to have a good cover for my blog post. Now, since I am not a graphic artist as well, how can someone like me produce a presentable blog cover? Thanks to Canva, a website where anyone can create designs for free, I can have fine blog post covers.

5. Blog Sharing – Now that I have everything ready, I can already publish my post. πŸ™‚ But wait, there’s more! In order to get blog readers, I also need to share my post. Networkedblogs is a site I use that automatically posts all blogs published on my site directly to my FB page. Less hassle for me, all I just have to do is share it on my personal Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & (sometimes) Instagram accounts.

So there! The tools and sites I use to help me blog, from head to post. What did I miss, fellow bloggers? What tool do you use that’s not on my list? I’d like to hear from you. πŸ™‚

21 Replies to “From Head to Post: Tools I Use in Blogging”

  1. Such a helpful post. Learned now anout google alert. Is it a subscription? Not really a techie person. Interested as well sa networkedblogs. Again, need I be a member so I could share? Thank you and enjoy blogging. Love the topics you're writing πŸ™‚

  2. Like you, I started blogging in 2011 so whenever I read my old post, I notice the improvement na sa recent post ko. Blogging is everyday learning talaga, ang dami bago so from time to time I update my old blog post. From your list, no idea ako sa Google Alert and Network Blogs.

  3. Hi Nilyn, thanks for sharing about your blogging tools. I also use most of the tools you use. Sometimes, instead of Canva, I just use Powerpoint to make my cover photos. Stencil is another good option.

  4. Haven't heard of Google Alerts but it sounds so helpful ha. I also started using Canva a few months back, and I'm loving it. I enjoy experimenting and so far, I'm happy with the output hehehe. Can't post without Canva na lols.

  5. When I worked as a content marketer for a digital marketing company, I browse through other business and marketing sites to keep myself updated with the trends. I used Feedly for that. For titles, though I never really used them, there are several topic generating tools that you can use. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the tips! I've been blogging since HS days via tabulas… hehe! This is also my online diary and been writing anything under the sun. Then 2012, I have started wordpress. Malas ako sa domain, so now, iniisip ko mabuti if kukuha pa ako. hehe! I am using canva, grammarr checker too ( I am not a technical writer as well) and flicker for my photo storage πŸ™‚

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