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On Being Judgmental

A lot of times I am judgmental.

I try not to but there are times that my sinful nature would kick in and auto-react negatively on things. So yes, call me judgmental. I admit that.

But here’s a clue: Saying “you’re judgmental” to someone is actually a symptom of being judgmental.

If someone tells someone he/she is being judgmental, that doesn’t make him or her any different.

You may wonder why I’m saying this. It’s because something is bothering me right now. I am upset but I don’t want to make a rant about it and post it on social media where many people can read. I’ll just write it here – a place where I keep my personal musings.

This is because of an issue I tried to dig six-feet under a long time ago. When I say a long time ago, I mean two or three months back. For some unknown reason, this issue is back on the surface. It is about an old friend who did something…let’s just say, unacceptable in the sight of many. And now, we, her friends are blamed for not being nice to her which was possibly why she left. Others make it seem like we haven’t done anything to help her. Like we should’ve done this, we should’ve done that, we shouldn’t have done this, we shouldn’t have done that. I’m like, “what? seriously? I am not the one at fault here yet I am blamed for something I tried to prevent in the first place!”

Yes. I am hurt. I am upset and unhappy. My inner kamalditahan wants to yell at them and say, “you don’t know how many tears I cried over this matter or how many prayers I said for her. You have no right to tell me I didn’t do anything and that I was pushing her away! That I was the reason why she left! Seriously!”

But, of course, I’m not telling any of that. I’ll just make them think whatever they want to think. I know this too shall pass, I’ll let this die slowly on its own.

What did I learn about this? The worldwide fact that no matter what we do, people will always have something to say. And those who are not really involved are the ones who judge and comment a lot more. I was reminded to not say something negatively unless I know and understand both sides of the story. So “shut up nalang ako” lol!


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  1. Indeed, everyone will always tell his opinion because he feels he is entitled to even if that means hurting someone in the process. This reminds me to act, speak, and listen with prudence and empathy.

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