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New Tech Tools to Try With Students in 2017

Being a teacher in the modern world requires keeping up with different tech innovations because today we can’t even imagine an educational process that wouldn’t include some useful technology tools for the classroom. Nowadays, there is a huge number of sources, apps, products, services and web based tools for education, aimed at making teaching simpler but more effective.

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However, it is getting harder not to get lost in a vast abundance of options. As you are getting ready for the new 2017 school year, use the tools listed below in your “must-try” list to make your classroom activities more fun and effective!

What Are The Top Five Tools To Try In The Classroom?

There are many gadgets and services for students. However, the Internet today is also full of various services and sources for teachers and below we will give you a list of our favorite ones for the upcoming year! And there are no problems with getting any sort of information because of services which can satisfy any of your requires like EduBirdie professionals do.

NearpodHave you ever found your students not too engaged during a lesson or presentation? This great invention changes everything! Just imagine that a presentation or a casual maths lesson can become much more interactive for all students simultaneously – with Nearpod, this is possible and even easier than you could think! With this tool, you can create presentations and lessons online, adding some engaging interactive features into them: students can ask and answer questions, solve problems, draw, and do whatever you want them to do right from their computers or tablets! What else can you do? The best thing about it is that you can immediately receive the answers given by students and monitor their activity, meanwhile, keeping them interested! And with Nearpod VR, you can arrange exciting virtual field trips, which will be of interest even to the most indifferent pupils!
Google ClassroomThis is a free service available for everyone. It helps you manage the communication with students in a more efficient way and bring it outside your classroom, and it also allows you to plan the educational process, hand out homework, and even arrange courses online.
QuizalizeThis online-based resource allows you to create interactive tasks, team games for the whole class, fun quizzes and other assignments using over 20,000 different topic-oriented templates. Another feature allows you to keep track of each student’s progress. Thus, Quizalize is a good service for teachers who want to grab the attention of their pupils and keep them interested and active during the whole lesson!
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This is a perfect option for teachers of the elementary school. Kahoot helps you create fun educational games with diagrams, videos, and images within a few simple clicks. It also allows you to create engaging team activities for everyone. For example, each pupil can answer the questions of the quiz from his personal device, while everything is displayed on the blackboard.
Both teaching and learning require lots of planning. That is why it is vital to have an experienced planner by your side all the time. That is what the Planboard app is aimed for as with its help you can build dynamic plans for lessons with ease, and it offers a bunch of useful features:
  • Create text with bullet points, different formats, and special break-up lines to divide your text into sections;
  • Create standards to each lesson and monitor your progress;
  • Attach videos, pictures, links to web sources and other files.
Final Words

These are some of the brightest educational tools that you should try! However, there are many more teacher tools online that also deserve attention. We encourage all teachers to keep pace with the new technologies and involve them in the teaching process; after all, it will never harm to try something new – so give it a shot and then choose the best online tool for your class!


Guest Post Contributor: Lisa Grifin
Lisa Grifin is a blogger whose credo is “Children are good learners. They first learn to act what they hear and see.

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  1. I am using teachers' tools online to make it easier for us to review the lessons. Fun quizzes sounds good! Nowadays, having gadgets and online resources makes it easier for the kids to have fun in learning, thru games and interactive materials.

  2. Technology is really amazing. I mean, who would've thought that there will be educational and study tools now? Also, some schools are adapting to modern times and is promoting ebooks to their students. In my daughter's school, they use tablets to store their books and other school related materials. I believe that students enjoy learning thru gadgets.

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