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3 Ways to Handle Picky Eaters

I have two godchildren who are very good when it comes to food – they eat almost everything served on them! And as a mother, I am so impressed by these kids. Remember Xiaoman, the baby foodie who went viral? I bet you’ve already seen her online, but if you haven’t yet, here’s a video clip (sino ba namang hindi matutuwa ‘pag nakita ‘tong batang ‘to ‘di ba?)

Nate is an average when it comes to food. At an early age, he already chooses those he likes to eat and those he doesn’t like. Although he’s not an extremely picky eater, meal time can be challenging sometimes. How do we handle picky eaters?

Be creative
This is where bento moms come in. Toddlers love variety, attractive and colorful foods so being creative with what we serve them can help improve their appetite on food.

They’re just like us, ‘di ba pag maganda ang presentation ng food sa restaurant, ginaganahan tayo kumain lalo? Yes. Same with our littles ones. 🙂

Minimize Distractions
Is your TV playing in the background during meal time? Turn that off. Advertisements can sometimes encourage our kids to desire sugary or less nutritious food. Turning off your television and other gadgets help them focus on eating.

Be Patient on introducing new foods
We have to be patient when it comes to introducing new foods to our kids. Hindi naman kasi sila kagaya natin na ‘pag may bago, go try ng try agad. Sometimes, they need repeated exposure before they decide to take the first bite. Talking about the foods color, shape, texture and even the smell may help them be enticed on trying it out.

To help make it fun and easier, you may try to add CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® into your child’s daily diet. CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® comes in fun star shapes, specifically designed to help babies develop their chewing and self-feeding skills, and is also a great way to allow babies to explore their food.

Toddlers can be fickle and unpredictable when it comes to their diet preferences and appetite, but we can lead the way towards building healthy and nutritious eating habits by simply giving them access to wholesome and nourishing solid food options.


CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® is a solid finger food suitable for complementary feeding and is intended for children 10 months onwards. This product is not suitable as breast milk substitute. Infants six months onward should be given fresh, indigenous and natural foods, in combination with combined breastfeeding. 

Disclaimer: I received CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® via mail at no cost. I was not asked to blog about the product but this blogmail inspired me to write this post. 

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  1. Everyone either kids or adults or specifically toddlers have their taste discrimination. But nobody would refuse to eat if the food offered is delicious, wouldn't they? Since they're however growing up nutritious foods be given them.

  2. Nakakaguilty talaga everytime I let Cloud use my phone when he eat, yun lang kasi ang makakapagpa upo sa kanya sa highchair otherwise, magtatatakbo lang siya heheh. Infairness naman kay Cloud, malakas siyang kumain lately basta malasa hehe. We haven't tried Nutripuffs but I will recommend this to my SIL, her daughter kasi is a picky-eater.

  3. sakto tips mo. I have a nephew that because being so picky eater, he has thin and weak body. His mother lets him watch through smart phone as long as he'll eat. pero pag ako naman even without TV or smartphone, he eats naman kahit unti.

  4. I agree with introducing new food, ganyan din ako sa anak ko. Pag ayaw hindi ko na pipilitin pero itry ko next time. Like cheese, minsan sasabihin niya ayaw niya ng cheese pero minsan nagugulat na lang ko kumakain naman siya pag trip niya. So siguro depende sa mood niya. hehehe!

  5. Luckily, I don't really have very picky eaters. Our kids grew up eating veggies and fruits even when they were still babies. Of course, like most kids they also prefer sugary stuff and snacks sometimes but they know that those must be consumed in minimal quantities only.

  6. It's very essential to create proper food habits to our child early on. It helps in their nutrition when they get older. Fruits and veggies will always be the best option.

  7. Parents really need to be creative in introducing food to their toddlers. Yael wasnt used to using cellphone and toys when eating before. But when I was too exhausted with Sam already, I let him watch tv and use my cellphone just to stay in one place. Now, I am having a hard time to discipline him re screen time.

    Yael loves Nutripuffs, too. He could consume a pack in a day.

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