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The One Minute Marriage Cleanse

Dane and I’s video call yesterday was filled with tears (at least on my part) and hard decision making that we needed to do. No, he didn’t do anything wrong, lol. We were discussing (again) whether he’d return to KSA or not.

This 2-year contract was the most challenging years we had in our marriage and just to think of doing it again for another year or two, naiiyak na ako! But yes, we had to talk about it and come up with a decision (again).

Anyway, our convo ended with sleepy eyes, good nights and sweet I love yous. Marriage is tough, LDR marriage is tougher. However, even if a family is life, planning and saving for the future is lifer. 😀 At least for us, now, as a couple who are trying to save more and start investing for our child/children’s future.

But that’s not what I want to talk about now. Out of nowhere, as I try to learn about short term investments, I decided to check Google alerts and searched for the word marriage. I saw myself reading a post from M2Woman about this One Minute Marriage Cleanse. I think this idea is a simple but helpful way to help couples strengthen their marriage and relationship.

So what is this all about? According to M2Woman, One Minute Marriage Cleanse is taking one minute each day to think reasons why you’re thankful for your partner. The post suggests you come out with two: physical and personality attributes. Once you’ve done that, let your partner know. It can be done any time of the day but is suggested you do it before one of you leaves for work. It’s a good motivation and source of good vibes, isn’t it?

We all love compliments and nothing beats a lovely compliment from a spouse. Whenever Dane compliments me, I blush and I feel really happy! When we keep it a habit to compliment our partners, it can surely improve our relationship with them.

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  1. I'm not sure kung kaya ko LDR kasi yung two weeks na business trip lang ni hubby, nahohomesick na ko. Yes, we love compliments, simple appreciation inspires us more. I tried the 30 Days Marriage Challenge from imom.com site before, okay din siya.

  2. Oi, this is nice. I'll encourage my hubby to try this one-minute marriage cleanse. Mukhang nakakaboost ng confidence and marriage 🙂 thanks for suggesting.

  3. Thanks for sharing about the marriage clense mommy, I'll check this out, compliments indeed spice up marriages especially if Words of Affirmation ang love language ni hubby 🙂

  4. Will check this Marriage Cleanse. A new idea that perhaps would help us somehow. Weve been into some difficulty now and I do not want this feeling to last. Anyway, I hope both Dane and you would make a sound decision re your future. two years is too long but it may somehow be what you need to make your marriage stronger and sweeter.

  5. You're one tough mama, kasi ako personally, I'm not gonna survived with LDR relationship kasi sobrang dependent ako. Everything will be ok, tiis lang for the family momshie *virtual hug*

    Thank you for sharing this Marriage Cleanse. Will share this with my husband. I totally agree that nothing beats a compliment from your spouse. 🙂

  6. Thank you! ♥ Means a lot. Ako akala ko din hindi ko kakayanin. But when you're already there and you don't have a choice but to stay faithful, with determination, kaya naman. hehe.

  7. This is good! Thank you for introducing this to me. My husband is not that expressive. Doon kami medyo nagko-contradict. Iba yung language of love nya. Physical touch and quality time. Sa akin naman words of affirmation is on top kaya lagi ko silang sinasabihan na love ko sila ng mga bebes ko. Haha! I wonder if this will work for us but nonetheless, I'm reading the article. It seems like an interesting read.

  8. Hehehe!! Nag sink in agad sakin yung pinanggagawa at pinag uusapan natin nong Sunday gaw. Heheh. Anyways pray your plans and commit it to the Lord. Mahirap ang LDR but we shoul have faith to the Lord and let's always guard our mind,heart and budget para di masayang lahat ng sacrifice ng husband natin aja gaw!

  9. That one minute marriage cleanse seems a must try. I am the type who's not very vocal of my feelings so this will take time to practice. What we are having was giving a hug as often as possible, this way no words are needed and works very well with my personality. 😊

  10. awww how sweet. But hirap nga ng LDR. Only marriages with strong foundations can ford that. Anyway, thanks for reminding me to show appreciation to my husband. Tagal tagal na rin since I last did that.

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