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Sickness and Long Distance Relationship

Last week, Dane told me he was not feeling well. He said his throat hurts badly. I told him to gargle warm water with salt and asked him to try to buy Bactidol if possible. He still had to go to work, of course! While at work, he said he had a fever and was feeling weak. As his wife who’s almost 5, 000 miles away from him, I couldn’t do anything aside from trusting that God will heal him.

I had a feeling it was flu again. For almost two years of working abroad, by God’s grace, he’s not very sickly there. However, when he does, I can’t help but worry about him. This time, I even told Nate so many times to pray for his papa.

He didn’t chat often when he was sick so that added more worry on my part. I know he’s resting and recovering but I wanted to be there – just be there to make sure he’s OK. For so many times, I wished I had the power to teleport.

It was tonsillitis. He couldn’t eat well. He was taking meds to be able to heal faster. As of yesterday, he said he was better. Just when I thought it was the end, his nose was suddenly bleeding last night. We’ve been together for almost ten years and it’s the first time his nose bled. He said it could be the weather as it’s too hot in Riyadh during this time. I was worried – so worried for him.

Illness is one of the things that make LDR more difficult. When Nate was admitted to the hospital, Dane said he couldn’t focus at work. When it was Dane who had an asthma attack, I could not stop thinking if he was OK. It’s not easy to get sick while away from your loved ones.

In a few month’s time, he will be going home already. Finally, it will all come to an end soon. And I really hope this won’t happen again – him having to work abroad. I just don’t want to go through it all over again. It’s difficult, it’s challenging, it’s sad…Very sad. ๐Ÿ™

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  1. I feel you, my husband got sick too when he was on business trip. I was also worried because he forgot to bring his medicine kit, natapat pa talaga sa time na nagkasakit siya. Good thing, he was able to buy over the counter medicine sa Thailand. Yan lang hirap pag nasa abroad, work pa rin pero pag nasa Pinas, pwede magsick leave.

  2. Sorry to hear that Dane got sick and you got so worried. I've only been in an LDR for a few months and it was really hard so I can really feel you. Hope he's all better now.

  3. Having our loved ones away from us is indeed challenging. And I could feel your sadness. Sometimes, the sadness could be so unbearable. I hope your Dane regains his strength and by God's grace overcome that illness.

  4. Hugs sis! I can feel you're worried talaga. Ako nga na kasama ko si hubby, kapag magkakasakit sya, nagwo-worry din ako ng bongga. And I guess as women, innate na yata sa atin na alagaan yung mga mahal natin espc. when they're sick ๐Ÿ™ buti na lang at pauwi na din sya sis. Konting tiis na lang talaga.

  5. I remember when I was working abroad. we are superhumans! All the locals can call in sick anytime or can skip work whenever they just feel not going to work. Buhay OFW nga naman… good thing he's going home soon.

  6. Awww hugs sis! I feel you. I feel that way din, especially the desire to teleport. Kung pwede lang diba! I'm super glad though that Dane's okay now and will be going home in a few months. I'm excited for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Yeah! I feel you gaw. This is our real life being away from our hubby is difficult but the best thing that we can do is to trust God completely and pray for him. Si Lemuel din muntik na mahulog habang nag paint buti nalang nakakapit.

  8. Tama! Doon, walang sick leave. Mahirap mag absent. Pero I'm glad to know just a few days ago na nakabsent pala sya to rest tapos ung day off nya, pinasukan nya nalang nung medyo magaling na sya.

  9. I am excited for Nate and I too. I wonder what his reaction will be after not seeing Dane for 2 yrs. Iniisip ko lagi! lol. Tara, teleport tayo sa Saudi! hehe.

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