My Financial Literacy Journey

Wow! This is my second post about finances. My first was about the 10-20-70 principle. Never have I imagined I would even have the courage to write about money or finances on my blog. But guess what, here I am now, documenting my journey to learning about finances.

Just imagine a little child not knowing how to read and write. That was me months ago when it comes to financial education. Then all of a sudden, I felt the need to learn about it already. So I started checking online, just like what most of us would do. I’m glad God directed me to the right channels where I was able to slowly learn about finance.

Of course, not that I’m an expert now, I know I still have a lot to learn. However, me, vs my old self who didn’t even know what the word INFLATION RATE means, I can say that I have slowly improved.

For those like me who have zero knowledge about finance, here’s a list of where I started my journey to financial literacy.

1. Pesos and Sense – Youtube has a complete playlist of Pesos and Sense, hosted by Aya Laraya whom I met in February this year but at that time, I still didn’t know who he was. Naku, kung nakilala ko lang sya dati pa, nakipagselfie sana ako, haha!

Pesos and Sense has 13 episodes. It was my very first tool towards financial education. Kumbaga, itong TV show na ‘to, for beginners like me talaga!

2. Bro Bo Sanchez – I also started watching a few of Bro Bo Sanchez’s videos and even considered joining the Truly Rich Club but haven’t yet because I wanted to talk to Dane about it first. We’re planning to learn together when he gets home. Para sana hindi masayang yung naipon namin, mainvest namin ng tama.

3. Peso Sense Facebook Page – I also follow Peso Sense on Facebook and I learned a lot from every post I read there. There are also lots of inspiring stories about people saving and investing on this page. Talagang mai-engganyo kang mag ipon ng mag ipon. Although marami nga lang din do’n ang nag ooffer ng mga kung ano anong business, be careful lang. 🙂

4. Others – I also watch Chinkee Tan’s videos online, read blogs from My Finance MD, Fitz Villafuerte, of course, my co-mommy bloggers Maan of Joyful Mess and May of Fully Housewifed.

Why am I saying all these? Because I want to let you know that in this day and age, resources are everywhere! They can be books, Ebooks, video tutorials, online courses and lessons, webinars, and a lot more. And if that’s not good enough, here: most of them are FREE! All you need now is the will and determination to learn.

Last year, my perceptions were: “ang pag iinvest, para lang yan sa mga mayayaman”, “hindi pa ako pwedeng matuto jan kasi wala din naman akong ipon”, “saka nalang siguro ‘pag nakaluwag-luwag”. I was so wrong because one can start investing now for as low as 5,000 via mutual funds!

No, we didn’t have any investments yet but we are planning to start hopefully soon. I am waiting for Dane to be home so we can have a seminar together. In the mean time, I just want to continue learning for now. Mahirap pumasok sa bagay na hindi mo naiintindihan. Hopefully, before the year ends, we can already have an insurance.

Dati ang mga words na mutual funds, UITF, stocks, trade, risk profile, inflation rate at investments were complete jargons for me. Para akong magkakanosebleed pag naeencounter ko sila. haha! Ganun ako ka-walang alam dati. But now, I’m happy to say na di na ako takot mabasa ‘tong mga words na ‘to. Naiintindihan ko na sila paunti unti. I know I still have a lot to learn.

That was because of one reason: I was willing to learn.

If you are like me who are just starting, check these out and maybe these can help you too. My tip of advice is this – financial literacy can’t be learned overnight, it requires hours of reading and learning so be patient. Kahit ako ngayon, marami paring kailangang aralin. Ang natutunan ko ay super basic pa lang.

For those who are more financially savvy, what do you think should be added to the list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Help me learn more! 🙂

16 Replies to “My Financial Literacy Journey”

  1. Cool mommy. At least you're on the right track to be financially-free. I am studying about that also now. I'm considering investing in stocks and other ways to be financially-free as well. Wanted also to build business if the opportunity will take me there. Lumalaki si baby and I want to be financially-free na rin.

  2. It is indeed very helpful that there are many free info available on money management and investing. I just wish I had known how a long time ago when the kids were still small. Ngayon kasi kaliwa at kanan ang gastos. Pero possible pa rin naman to save if I just learn how and have the will to do it.

  3. Whatever matters as long as we live we must and we should do anything to earn, to survive and to succeed. And saving for the rainy days shouldn't be taken for granted for most of us don't have a sufficient income to received. In doing so, whatever matters we have something to get in time of distress and financial burden so to speak.

  4. We are both saving and investing. We started almost 3 years ago and I must say mas malaki talaga kita if you invest on stocks rather than just saving in the back. Yun lang I still have fears kasi especially if the market is down and so do the stocks. That's the reason why we are still holding back but hopefully this year madagdagan namin the current money we have invested.

  5. Aw, good for you, sis na nakapag start na. Kami, we're still planning to open an account, hopefully before the year ends. For now, aral muna para mas maintindihan pa.

  6. I am zero knowledge when it comes to financial literacy. Tamad kasi akong magbasa lols. I remember I started learning about stock market a few years back kasi marami akong friends na hook don pero I stopped din. As of now, some of our money are invested to mutual.

  7. Hello, makikisingit lang sa usapan about stocks. FYI, when the market goes on dips (bumaba), that is the good time to "top up" or buy more shares of stocks. 🙂 Kapag naman umakyat ang price ng stocks, that is the good time to sell.

  8. Hello mommy Nilyn,

    I admire your will and determination to learn more about finances. Hindi lahat may tiyaga na maghanap ng learning resources, karamihan kahit libre na o may nagtuturo na eh balewala lang sa kanila.
    Before you go deeper into investing, hope you don't mind if I share my post about the lessons I've learned in investing. https://myfavoritelists.com/2018/01/11/the-7-biggest-lessons-i-learned-from-investing-in-2017/

    Salamat. All the best and may we all achieve financial freedom!

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