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Car Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

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Back when I was working for Convergys, my first account would’ve been GE Motors. Unfortunately, we were reassigned to a different account for some reason. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse, I do not know. But if there’s one thing I could wish, I wish I stayed longer with the account – long enough to know more about cars, dealership and other car terms and info.

Even though a car is not something we’re looking to buy anytime soon, it’s still one of the things I hope we can have someday. With our growing family, to have a car means convenience. In the mean time, as a mother, I should know the basics. Let me share three car safety tips for babies and toddlers.

1. Safest car seat location
Most of us know that it is never safe for a child to ride in the front. Even jeepneys and buses do not allow that. Private owned vehicles are no exception to that. Many agree that the center of the backseat is the safest location for your car seat unless the middle seat has a hump that will prevent you from tightly installing the base.

2. Safety belts and harness
Safety belts and harness are your child’s best friend. If they are not properly fastened, your child will be in great danger. Make sure the belt is put through the correct slot. The harness should be modified so you can slip only one finger below the straps at your child’s chest. Place the chest clip at armpit level.

3. No car seat for short trips? 
No matter how short your trip is, it isn’t an exception not to use a car seat. It’s been told that most accidents occur close to home so for your child’s protection, use a car seat on all trips. offers a wide selection for its customers. Its website is equipped with lots of informative posts to provide one with everything he needs to know before deciding to make a purchase. And for families like ours, I bet they have a great selection of vehicles that promote safety for small and big families alike.

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  1. Thank you for the tips. We love to travel as family but my daughter still have no car seat. Mas gusto kasi ng anak ko na karga ko, plus car seats are usually bulky and expensive. But still, I want my daughter's safety during our family trips so I am still looking for best car seats suits her.

  2. We bought car seat when my son was still a baby. He stopped using it when he was 4 or 5 years old. But when we went to my mom, no choice siya kundi magcarseat ulit kasi bawal ang hindi nakacarseat dun. hehehe! Carseat is very useful and important for your child's protection.

  3. Car seat has always been a safety feature most of us ignore. Minsan kasi it comes with a cost. pero we must always remember that safety comes first.

  4. In other countries, it is a must to have a car seat if you're traveling with babies or toddlers. My children used one when they were small. It's good for the sake of safety.

  5. I definitely believe that all of us have to take car safety seriously especially when it comes to our kids. We use a car seat for our baby. Even our six-year-old son still uses a booster seat.

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