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Babye, July!

As I sit and think of the days, I can’t help but be amazed at how quickly time passes. Today is the last day of July and before we even know it, we’re already welcoming 2018. This month was like the other months for us, more of waiting, praying and hoping that Dane’s homecoming will be tomorrow. However, it wasn’t just that. It was waiting and much more.

John Waller’s song called “While I’m waiting” reminds me to be productive while I wait for my husband. So that’s what I try to do. I teach Sunday School in the church, continue to spend time with Nate as much as I can and I also learn about finances. I started reading and watching Youtube videos about investing last June. I still do even up to now since are hoping we can start investing soon. By soon, I mean when Dane comes home but if I can do it before he’s back, much better.

I joined no events since June and I think I like it this way. ‘Di ko naman sinasabing ‘di na talaga ako aattend. In fact, there’s a meet up of WAHMs this coming Sunday that I’m going to attend. Siguro, kailangan lang pagpilian ng maigi kung alin lang yung sasalihan. After that, we’ll see what’s next for my blog events. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dane and I got sick this month. He had fever and flu and I had constipation and I had a check up and laboratory done because it wouldn’t stop even if I already took Loperamide. I didn’t want to be dehydrated also so I visited a doctor for proper medication. Thankfully, I was healed. However, I noticed that every time I drink my milk, parang nagloloko ang tiyan ko after about 30-45 minutes. I am hoping (with fingers crossed) that this is not lactose intolerance or I will have a broken heart. ๐Ÿ™ I’ve tried eating champorado and ice cream the other day, medyo may reaction pero hindi masyado compared to milk. Since then, I stopped drinking my fave milk, huhu. And switched to tea.

I also shed a bucketful of tears this month. That is because, sa hinaba haba ng usapan namin ni Dane na ‘di na sya babalik, in the end, we both agreed that he renew his contract. Sigh! We had a serious talk about it last week and I understood his reasons. I know ayaw nya na din bumalik but since we have plans we want to implement, on saving and investing specifically, we came up with the decision. It was heart breaking pero kailangan namin mag stay muna sa ganito for now. In addition to that, he will have to extend para December ang uwi nya dito. So, additional five months of waiting for us.

I know he only wants to help. If he renews his contract, he will have an increase in salary and he won’t have to go back to zero in applying here in the Philippines. And for us, that’s really something we have to consider for now. We’ve never mentioned it to Nate, I know he wouldn’t understand why Dane would have to leave again but I hope this will just be temporary. I pray that will only be for another year or two and after that, he won’t have to go back anymore. I believe that God will guide us as we continue to put our trust in Him because He alone is faithful and true.

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  1. Love the song While I'm Waiting. Haha I used to listen to that when I was is college.
    I can imagine your heartache being away from your husband and your desire to be together. I pray that God would answer your prayers soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  2. It is really hard if one needs to work abroad. When I was young, I don't really understand why my mom needs to work overseas, I don't want to talk to her pa nun kasi nagtatampo ko. hehehe! But I just realized, if she did not work, paano kami mabubuhay. hehehe!

  3. I'm happy hindi ka nagtampo til tumanda, sis. May iba na nagrerebelde dahil dyan. hehe. And yes, it's really hard. Pero I'll have to accept the reality for now that if we want to save more, then we'll have to stay like this for temporarily.

  4. Years ago, we consider also Daddy A working abroad. But God has better plan for us and lucky that we have to be apart to earn enough. Although, at times when I want to just be a stay at home mom for my son, naiisip ko din what if natuloy sya abroad. We can decide easier sana but we trust God's plan. I am sure God has better plan for you and your family. Just trust Him. God bless you and your family sis.

  5. Hindi naman, I understand the reason why she needs to work but deep inside, how I wish nasa tabi ko siya habang lumalaki. Maybe, iba talaga kasi pag nanay ang kasama, compared pag tatay ang nagwork. Iba din kasi kita pag abroad, ang liit naman kasi ng sweldo dito sa Pinas, sana hindi magtampo si Nate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sad to hear that you got sick. Uso yata ngayon! My daughter and I are still recovering from flu. We were down with the flu for a week! ๐Ÿ™ Anyway, it's always heartbreaking to hear stories about families being miles apart because of work/career. But as long as it's for the best, just stay strong and keep praying. Good luck!

  7. Awww sorry to hear that your husband has to renew his contract abroad. But only you guys know what is best for your family. Sometimes talaga sacrifices have to be made whether we like it or not. I'm sure darating din yung time na he won't have to leave anymore. Be strong!

  8. You're all strong. I don't think I can survive with that kind of setup, but if it's for your kids and for your future naman diba. Stay strong and I hope your family receives all the blessings you've been hoping for.

  9. Oh, stay strong sis! Kaya yan! This setup is only temporary, and we really need to be strong for our partners. Job and I have talked about that as well. May plan din sya to return, so iniisip ko nalang that this is temporary and may be the best decision in the long run.

    PS: Unfortunately, I think you're becoming lactose intolerant. Ako din, late na, around 25 years old na ako. I can still drink milk pero dito lang talaga sa bahay!

  10. Thank you, sis! I'm glad I have friends like you who understands me. I should keep on thinking it's just temporary, baka mas bumilis ang panahon. hehe.

    Regarding the PS: I think so too. And it's so heartbreaking! huhu. I stopped drinking milk na. Milo nalang tawon akong ginainom sa buntag. ๐Ÿ™

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