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WAHM Review: Plantronics Audio 628 USB Stereo Headset

Before I got married and had Nate, I was already working from home. I am a customer service representative. It’s very similar to call centers except I work from home, we use Skype to take calls and I don’t have any benefits. It’s literally a ‘no work, no pay’ basis.

Home based CSRs like me agree that aside from a stable internet connection and a quiet working environment, we need a quality headset. The problem is these headsets are worth dollars! And some of them, even though they work great, are not so durable and easily gets destroyed, so goodbye $$$ agad!

For the past few years, I have settled for a Logitech headset worth Php 999 in Octagon San Mateo but it doesn’t last long and it only has a noise-minimize option, not noise-cancellation. So I got used to muting my call if it is the customer who’s talking.

A friend told me her Philips headset have been with her for years and it worked wonders for her so I decided to buy one as a replacement for my old Logitech headset since it wasn’t working properly anymore. Unfortunately though, mukhang minamalas ako sa headset because the one I got was easily destroyed (I posted about that experience here). Not only that, ganun din sa replacement headset na nakuha ko.

I’ve used my Logitech replacement headset for months, however, I noticed that the microphone wasn’t working very well anymore. So I finally decided to get a new one. Don’t get me wrong: baka naman mapagbintangan na naman ako ditong binayaran ng Plantronics to bash Logitech, haha. This is solely my experience with the brand. I have nothing against Logitech, I just needed to get one with noise cancel feature).

So because of a friend’s recommendation and 71 good reviews in Lazada, I decided to purchase Plantronics Audio 628 USB Stereo Headset on May 12th. I got it for ₱ 1,788.00, which was already a reasonable price compared to other sellers who sell it at ₱ 1,800 to ₱2,000.

So this was what I got (notice the 4.5 star from 71 reviews, sounds good):

Not a techie so I’ll leave the specs here. lol.

I can’t go into the technical side of this product but here’s my honest review about this product. 

1. Definitely lightweight (as promised). 
2. Adjustable boom (mic), easy to keep when needed. 
3. Noise-cancelling mic. As long as I’m talking, it cancels every noise that’s on my background and maximizes my voice. If I don’t talk, then it tries to pick up a sound from the background, maybe because it’s trying to pick up a voice from the speaker? I’m not sure. So if my customer is talking, I still mute myself sometimes, just to make sure no unnecessary noise can be heard. 
4. Clear HD sound. When I first used it, it feels like I can hear every detail of the music I’m listening! Charot, hehe, but it’s true! 
5. It comes with a control so I can answer a call using the headset directly (back then, I always answer calls using Skype). 
6. The design is great, the earpiece is protected by a foam so it doesn’t get destroyed easily (compared to headsets with leather-type of earpiece). 

Headset control: Answer, volume (max and min), mute button

Here’s an additional info about the noise cancel feature since someone emailed me about it. 

I don’t see any negative sides of this product yet. I have been using this for a few weeks now and so far, I am satisfied. Just one thing though, before this headset, I use to press mute via Skype and my voice couldn’t be heard anymore. Now, if I mute using the softphone (Skype), only the customer can’t hear me but my voice and any other noise from my computer (notifications, etc) are still captured in the recording. Which means I now need to go on mute using the headset’s control. It’s a little hassle for me because I’m used to muting via Skype but I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it. 

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  1. Good youve found a real nice headset for yourself. And dont worry, this post doesn't look like its a paid ir sponsored post. Hahahaha. Funny talaga that Smart-Globe incident.

    Anyway, I am not used to using a headset but I find your need logical. In your line of work, you really need a nice and reliable one.

  2. Since I also work from home, there have been times I had to use headsets too whenever I had meetings with clients. But since the meetings didn't happen often I never felt the need to buy great quality headsets. Good thing you found one that works great for you since your work really requires one.

  3. I don't really use headphones (earphones girl here!) but it really helps minimize outside noise, lalo na when you're working. I'm glad you found a product that'll really help you get productive while working. There are a lot of great electronics sa Lazada, we recently bought a soundbar and okay talaga siya 🙂

  4. I worked with BPO and sobrang ingat din ako sa headset at baka pagbayarin ako pagnawala siya, ang mahal pa naman nun. My husband only use the iPhone earpods pag may telecon siya sa bahay. hehehe! Since this is your job, why not invest na para hindi ka na nagpapalit lagi but I hope this plantronics will last for long. 🙂

  5. I miss Plantronics since it is the same brand we used to use in my previous work! It sure is made of good quality and I also love the sound quality, it makes it much easier to understand British callers. If ever I will need a headset for my work-from-home gig, I think I will also invest on this brand. I have tried generic brands from CDR King and they get damaged even when you do not use them often! Meanwhile, I am using my phone's earphones whenever I need to receive calls from my laptop.

  6. I've tried a few CDR-King headsets too. Very cheap but also very unreliable. lol. I hope this one lasts long. So far, it's still working great for me.

  7. Wow! This is really a necessity for people who work from home. Before when I didn't change my laptop, I used to have something like this too. Just forgot the brand. It was similar with this and I think it was reliable too. Don't buy things from CD-R King if you want it to last. Those are just for temporary remedies!

  8. To be honest, the video chat and call part of my work is my least favorite hahaha! I'm glad I don't work for a call center cause I don't really have to be on a headset for a long time. Just 15 minutes a day tops (I still don't like it, hahaha!)

    When it comes to anything electronic, I am not very happy with Lazada. Ilan beses na ako may experience na kelangan ireturn kasi hindi gumagana so I refrain from purchasing them from online stores na lang.

    Anyway, yeah I guess if a pair of headset is a crucial part of your job, then a good one is necessary. Mine's just CD-R king and it works just fine for me. 🙂 Worked better than the more costly A-tech I bought a few months back na nasira agad ang mic.

  9. haha. So true! I used a few CDR-King products before, they're all gone now. lol. Oh, there's one still standing. It's still working for about 5 yrs now! My sister's still using that USB speaker.

  10. Meron din akong experience with Philips, sobrang mahal, nasira lang din agad. huhu. Wow @ your 15 mins call time, kakainggit. haha. Maswerte ako sa isang 'to at til now I wala akong naging problema. This one was also from Lazada, at may mga di magandang experience na din ako sa kanila when it comes to electronic purchases.

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