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The Waiting

Sharing the song that has been my constant reminder every time I miss my husband. God willing, in five month’s time, Dane will finally be home from Riyadh, KSA. Who would’ve thought it’s almost two years already since we said our goodbyes at the airport? Many say that it was too fast.

For those who didn’t wait, two years may seem to fly fast. However, for us who wait every day, it feels like it was decades ago. I can’t believe we are nearing the end of our waiting phase. And when all this is over, I hope we can say we’re not doing it ever again.

It was never easy for us. We had so many things to consider. Some of them include the timezone difference (PH is 5 hrs ahead of KSA),  our work schedules, the internet connection, planning and saving, and Nate. Our adjustment stage was hard too, we fought a few times during the first few months, sometimes over petty things. By God’s grace, I can say we’ve overcome the challenges.

When we are down, we remind each other to look into the bright side. We would then agree that in spite of all the challenges, this is still God’s blessing. It is an opportunity for us to save (although I can’t say we’ve saved a lot of money already, we’re thankful that now, we don’t live paycheck to paycheck), it was also a chance for us to prove to each other that we are faithful to our marriage – we trust each other so much more now. This is the first time we were away for this long since we started our relationship in 2008. Thank God for His guidance. Without Him, I don’t think we can make it.

My fave line in the song is the part that says: and in these times when my patience is tested, won’t you remind me that I’m not alone. Here in the waiting.  So I’ll be here waiting, waiting, waiting. Believing you’ll never let go…

For those who are waiting just like us, just keep the faith on each other and to God. As long as you both trust God to keep your relationship strong and remain true to each other, you are both good hands.

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  1. Wow. Time flies real fast. Five more months and Dane would be here. I am imagining Nate being so happy when that time comes. Just this morning before I leave bed, I said my prayers. And then I told God time flies real fast. It's back to school now and Yael and I will be left at home again.

  2. Agree, time flies so fast but when you are waiting, ang tagal-tagal ng oras. Yan din nararamdaman ko pag nasa business trip si hubby. Kaya bilib ko sa mga OFW wife, ang hirap maghintay.

  3. I really admire long distance couples. The faith and trust you have for each other is so strong. And the strength you have as a "single" mom here raising your child alone is fantastic. Siguro, you and Dane will have a very memorable reunion this year 🙂

  4. Your patience is admirable, sis! I can't imagine being away from my husband and babies for a week. What more it is that you and your spouse have been away from each other for almost two years! Huhu.. Buti na lang papauwi na si hubby! Yay! 😀

  5. Like people always say, good things come to those who wait. 🙂 Good to know that the waiting will be over soon though. I hope that you and your hubby won't ever have to be away from each other that long again.

  6. 5 years being separate from each other is hard. It's a life that my husband and I chickened out of. He was supposed to go to South Korea to be there for 2 years…and who knows how much more years…as that is what it is for us, musicians. Once we leave, often times, we renew contracts abroad and don't come back until after 5 years or so.

    Anyway, I'm excited for you about your husband coming home. I feel you when you say you don't want to do it again.

  7. I commend your courage and loyalty for sticking with each other despite the distance. Sometimes, we have to make decisions as parents to make sure we will be able to provide a better life for our family, even if it means sacrificing a lot.

  8. After I got married, my husband left for KSA and we had to wait 3 months before I could follow him. Since then, we never separated. We chose to be together in everything in KSA and when we both came back to the Philippines for good. It is difficult to be separated from a loved one so OFWs and their partners sacrifice a lot.

  9. I'm happy that in just 5 months you'll be back in each other's arms! I'm happy that you're no longer living paycheck to paycheck, and I'm happy you've been very patient the whole time! Time to celebrate!

  10. I can totally relate to this post. My husband and I was in LDR for five years. He comes home every year then. People say 1 year short but to someone who's waiting everyday, like you said, it feels like a decade. Glad that we're over that phase of our lives.

    I am so happy for you that your husband is coming home soon. I love to hear successful LDR stories. It's never easy but it feels amazing once it's over. It feels like you and your husband can take on anything life has to throw at you! Will be praying for his safe journey home!


  11. Ang bilis talagang ng oras but you are right, if you are waiting mabagal. But anyway, all your sacrifices are worth the wait. I believe you have a stronger relationship now and much more with God. God bless you always.

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