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The BPI Express Credit (eCredit)

Those who read my blog from time to time know that I am new to the credit card world. I just had one via BPI secured credit card. So far, I only use it for grocery, Globe bill and emergency purchases just like my recent Plantronics headset order.

I know the credit limit is just too low (yes, it’s just 9k, lol), I make sure to remind myself not to use it for things I don’t need. So far, I don’t have any problems when it comes to self-control VS my secured credit card. lol.

Along with my successful BPI secured credit card application, I got three different cards. The first one was the BPI Debit (EPS) card, I don’t know what it was for and I didn’t ask, lol! I’m guessing since I opened a savings account, that was the ATM for my savings. Then I got the actual credit card sent to me via mail. About a week after, I got this BPI Express Credit card or BPI eCredit card and I was like, “what’s with all these cards?” haha. I only had one card for my Unionbank EON account for both savings and prepaid card.

After reading the information that came along with the card, I realized that this was for its client’s added protection. It is for my online safety and I like it. BPI eCredit serves as a masquerade to hide my actual card number and still be able to purchase online. This card is for e-Commerce Use only. The card number, expiration date as well as the CVV number are all written at the front of the card.

What’s important to remember though is that the number on the BPI eCredit is to be used only when purchasing on the internet. It cannot be used to make reservations that require presentation of a BPI Express Credit Mastercard at the point of payment.

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  1. like thAt feature. I remember I got a separate card for my online transaction using BDO credit card. I felt safer using it as I need not divulge my credit card number online. Yes, for security.

  2. Welcome to the credit card world! hehehe! Wow, ang nice naman pala may eCommerce card pa, I like that. My credit card was hacked before even though I rarely use my credit card for online shopping. And to think, I need to enter my password pa bago mag-go through ang payment pero nahack pa rin. I hope it won't happen to anyone, nakakastress kasi.

  3. Yey! You have your own credit card na! It's very beneficial to have a credit card, but most people doesnt know how to control themselves when they have one. don't forget… think before you swipe hahaha 😀

  4. Every card holder should be disciplined and know when to use it, or else you end up paying interest or worse be in full debt. It's just recently that I am began to take control of my finances and maximize its use. And yes, its a big help during emergency.

  5. I actually like that the credit limit is low (depende sa user, right?) – keeps us away from temptations! Sayang lang it can only be used for e-commerce diay, I'm looking for something more flexible. 😀

  6. No, the Secured credit card is really a credit card, they just sent me this for added protection when placing orders online. But you're right about low credit limit, talagang for emergency lang sya.

    1. I Rachell, last time, I checked, the BPI eCredit was designed for online orders e. I’m not sure if they’ve made it available for bills payment already.

  7. Hi may I ask po pano mo binabayaran yung nagamit mo sa e-credit po? first time ko kase sya magamit thru online. thanks po sa maggng sagot mo.

    1. Aww, sorry to hear that, Odette! Via text lang din yun sakin dati, wala naman akong naging problema. Maybe check with BPI baka makatulong sila (although ang hirap nilang kontakin!)

  8. Hi maam, question, have you already tried using your ecredit? how do you pay it via bpi app online? do you register a new biller? if so, what is the reference number to enroll? was it the card number in e credit? Thank you for the response and be safe 🙂

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