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Nothing is Secured, Nowhere is Safe

Almost all BPI clients who were affected, including me, was in a panic yesterday when news about BPI unauthorized charges spread like wildfire online. I saw many people complaining and bashing BPI’s Facebook page about the matter.

I admit that I worried because that money was something Dane and I worked hard for. Some we got because we chose to save rather than buy something we want to buy. But when a friend who was with BPI for more than a decade assured me that it would be OK, and when I saw how that I am not the only one, I stopped worrying and just believed that BPI would be true to its words.

I realized something else, though. Even though we are in a third-world country and we say that technology is still behind compared to the US and other first-world countries, it is inevitable that many of us are now using more and more services online. You just can’t deny the convenience that it brings for you.

However, along with this is an undeniable truth that we are more exposed online. The good news is that BPI was not hacked and that it was just an internal error. So even if I hide in my room all day, I am at risk.

Nowhere is safe anymore. We are in danger everywhere we go. Bombings can happen anywhere. The quiet Marawi City is now in danger because of the Maute Group. There was a recent bombing in Quiapo. An earthquake disturbed our quiet night here in Rizal and many other cities last May 25th. Even what others call the holy Vatican City and Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense were not an excuse. These were also bombed in the past.

I’m not saying this to scare anyone. I am saying that everywhere we go now, even if we stay at home or go to a place we think is safe, anything can happen.

What can we have now to remain calm after all these dreadful happenings? I don’t have anything else but my faith in God. My faith that wherever I go, He will protect me. And if something happens, then maybe it is my time. But for now, as long as I live, I trust God alone to keep me safe from all harms.

“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” 

2 Thessalonians 3:3

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  1. Honestly, from time to time, I feel scared sa mga nangyayari sa paligid. Sometimes I don't want to watch news na kasi mas lalo ko natatakot. All I really pray is "World Peace", sana naman maging peaceful na ang mundo. About BPI, it is better to have another bank para pag may ganyan issue, may makukuhaan ka ng money just in case may emergency. Kawawa lang talaga yung iba na maski "pay day" nila, naapektuhan.

  2. Honestly, I never worry much on BPI glitch, we have current and savings account from there, uitf and our business' checking account but very confident that it can be fixed asap and it was!

    I am confident with them considering the years of stay as we considered their staff as our family friend and as we enjoyed being their 'preferred' customer.

    I can only imagine the hard work from its IT management during the glitch. What I am bothered was the phishing emails that hackers sent with the link to verify 'kuno' your account and boom! You've get hacked. 😱

    I received several emails like these, even for bdo and there's no way I'll fall for this scam and I put it directly to my spam folder. We have to be very cautious for our own safety.

  3. I also feel your fear. There are times that I think the world isnt safe anymore. Anything could happen. And am I prepared? Perhaps the only constant ally I could rely to is my faith in God that He will still protect us all.

  4. Naku, the BPI glitch opened a lot of realizations in terms of keeping our finances safe as well as how to handle worry. Some chose to be calm and believe in BPI. Some panicked and cursed the bank. At the end of it all, you have to just know that God will be in control of everything naman.

  5. Iba na talaga panahon ngayon. It made me realize as well that life is uncertain. We just have to make the most out of what we have. As to the BPI glitch, I have faith in the bank (although I'm biased since I used to work there. Hehe)

  6. Like you, I don't watch news na din! Matagal na! haha. Minsan kasi nakakalungkot lang. lol. Yes, kawawa talaga ung mga hindi talaga ipon ang sadya sa bpi kundi dun lang dumaan ang pera nila tapos may emergency, sila talaga mga nasa isip ko e.

  7. Yes, I completely agree with you, sis! Ako, I won't deny na mejo panicked din ako at first, not to the point nga lang na inaway ang bangko, like the other clients. haha. Pero after my friend assured me, I was ok na.

  8. I think you're not, hehe. Based on experience 'tong sa'yo. hehe. My friend is also like you. She's with bpi for a decade na ang she was so confident that the issue would be resolved.

  9. We were affected by the BPI fiasco too. My hubby's payroll is under BPI and for a few days he couldn't transact online. Plus, his salary was credited late. I hope this never happens again.

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