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BPI: Hack? Glitch or Phishing?

Image Source: BPI Facebook page

I am supposed to write something about my reflection today but something came up. While I was waiting for Dane to go online, I saw a thread on a Facebook page from a mommy group about BPI making unauthorized transactions on their accounts.

I immediately checked my online banking and alas! I am one of them! A small amount in total (from two different transactions) was made on my account yesterday. Here’s the thing: I was at home all day yesterday and never even touched my BPI card.

Then I checked Dane’s account and to my surprise, a bigger chunk of money was also deducted there.  I tried calling BPI’s hotline to no avail. It would just ring and would disconnect. I gave up after trying for about 30 minutes and just sent an email and a message to their FB page. As of yet (1 hour after), I still haven’t heard from them.

There was no update on their FB page yet. I see so many complaints from different customers online already. Some were debited and now have a negative balance, some got a credit they were not expecting at all.

I am still waiting for an official announcement for BPI as of the moment. I hope this gets fixed right away. Kawawa naman yung mga may emergency at wala na ang pera sa ATM nila. Wala parin silang kahit abiso man lang.

Is this a system glitch? Is their system updating (if it is though, it shouldn’t take this long) or are they hacked?

Before I could even finish this post, BPI already said something about it.

Finally! Now all I have to do is wait for the amount to reflect back on our accounts. 


This explains why my friend said that everything is good on her end now and I still can’t log in via the BPI app and website. I hope it gets fixed completely soon. 


I was only able to access Dane’s account, not mine (Could be because of site traffic, I get it). Dane’s account balance is still incorrect, the amount was still deducted from his account. 

AS OF JUNE 9 3:15 AM:
My balance is back in my account. However, Dane’s account is still missing the deducted amount. I hope it gets resolved soon without us needing to call the bank.

AS OF JUNE 9 9:51 AM:
I just woke up. One of the things I immediately did was check the BPI app. Thankfully, Dane’s balance is back in his account so we are both good to go now. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.

Do you have a BPI account? Did you experience this too?

9 Replies to “BPI: Hack? Glitch or Phishing?”

  1. I panic also when I received the message of my friend because few days ago I just deposited money tapos bigla nahack daw. I wasn't able to check my balance kasi down na agad ang system nila. The following day, I was able to check and same pa rin balance ko. I checked it again kanina just to make sure, okay pa rin. I hope maayos na yung sa hubby mo, June 9 na parang ang late na sa promised nila na maayos.

  2. I havent checked our accounts yet. I was supposed to visit BPI trinoma but my husband requested I should not proceed as I will only need hot headed people. I hope our accounts arent part of the many accounts hacked.

  3. This was so scary. It was fortunate that I don't have a BPI account. But my hubby's payroll is on BPI and they were affected even though their payday was a few days after the incident occurred. Because BPI was still fixing their system, the payroll for my hubby's entire company were credited late. Hoping this won't happen again.

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