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WAHM Diaries: Nate Talks

Breaking the negativity from my previous post, I’d like to talk about my funny convos with Nate recently. Don’t we just love the kids’ little minds? They amaze us in ways we don’t expect. It’s wonderful!

One afternoon: 
Nate: “Ma, ‘di na ako baby e, youth na ako. Just like ate Juday”
Me: *Jaw dropped*
(Juday is one of his “ates” in the church)

Last Sunday afternoon during church meeting: 
Nate: “Ma, sali akong youth camp!”
(Seriously Nate! Isang beses ka pa nga lang nakaattend ng kid’s camp, youth camp na agad?! Bakit nagmamadali?)

Last night: 
Me: “Nate, where’s the Vicks? Para malagyan ko ang chest mo bago ka matulog.”
Nate: “Tinago ko, ma”
Me: “Saan mo tinago?”
Nate: “Di ko alam, ma. Hanapin mo, ma”.
(Aba aba! haha.)

Nate talking to his tito: 
Tito: “Nate, crush mo ba ‘yan?”. 
Nate: “Hindi, ayoko ng crush!”
Tito: “Bakit?”
Nate: “Kasi masakit sa heart!”
(‘Yung totoo? haha!)
On our way home from the drugstore:
Nate: “Ma, gusto ko yan. (Points at something)”
Me: “Wag muna ‘yan, nak”
Nate: “Uy, ma, gusto ko ng jackstone (points at the jackstone display)”
Me: “Nak, we’re inside a tricycle, we can’t tell the driver to stop just to buy a toy”. 
Nate: “Dapat ipa-stop”. 
Me: “No Nate, kasi sumakay na tayo.”
Nate: “Dapat ‘di tayo sumakay.”
Me: “Kung ‘di tayo sumakay, nabasa na tayo ng ulan ngayon.”
Nate: “Dapat walang ulan.”
Me: “We can’t stop the rain, ‘nak. And besides, the toy is just a want. Hindi ‘yan need”
Nate: “Ano yung need, Mama?”
(At ‘di na natapos ang talakayan! haha)
Another “gusto ko ‘yan” story: 
Nate: “Uy (kunwari shocked sa nakita). Ma, gusto ko yun!” He wants that thing that motorists wear in their arms para di mainitan. 
Me: “Nak, ‘di ‘yan kasya sa’yo that’s too big for your arms.”
Nate: “Too big?”
Me: “Yes”
Nate: “Big na ako, mama, three na ako e.”
Me: “You’re not big enough yet. That’s for 15-year-old boys above.”
Nate: “15-yr-old?”
Me: “Yes”
Nate: “Pag fifteen na ako, pwede na ako bumili nyan!”
Me: “Yes!” (In my mind, ‘haay, salamat!’ haha!)

Nate is a very talkative boy, he always has something to say. He has so many questions. I admit I get tired of answering them a lot of times already so what I would do is I’d throw the question back at him. He likes to talk to older people rather than kids his age. He can be brutally frank sometimes.

Our conversations with our kids are definitely funny and thought-provoking sometimes, aren’t they? For that, here’s a bonus: Nate and his first tongue twister. πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow, I'm so amazed kay Nate. Reading your convo parang hindi 3 years old ang kausap mo. Hindi pa ganyan kadaldal ang anak ko nung ganyan age. May alam na sa lovelife. πŸ™‚

  2. He reminds me of my own son. Kids really say the funniest things! πŸ™‚ Sometimes ang complicated pa ng tanong, ang hirap sagutin! Super funny yung comment ni Nate though na masakit daw sa heart yung crush. Haha!

  3. I agree with Mommy Michi, 3 years old ba sya? Hehe. He is a great communicator ha, and totoo, angsaya and funny talaga ng conversations with little kids.
    Akala nila ganun ganun lang ang real life 😁

  4. Nate is so adorable. That perhaps is the good side of having a community. He learns not only from you but also from his interaction with the youth at the church. I bet he will be more madaldal ang matanong. He is such an observant boy.

  5. I remember there was one book that my mother had when we were young, it's entitled, "when kid's ask sticky questions". Now I really thought I should've read that book, but too late, I don't think nanay still has it. Yes, grabe, nakakatawa lang. daming alam! lol.

  6. Yes, sa dami ng nakakausap nya araw2, even here sa bahay, marami syang kausap sa labas na adults and kids. Dami napipick up! I hope he continues to be an observant boy. πŸ™‚

  7. They do say the cutest and darnedest things, no? Haha! I also have a collection of my little one's quips, I hope I can find the time to collate them all in one blog post one of these days! And, Nate, please don't rush to grow up and become a youth, ayt? πŸ˜‰

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