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Nate’s Heartbreaking Hospital Experience

As I was browsing my Instagram wall last night, I realized I haven’t blogged about Nate’s hospital experience yet (well, I did, on a previous post but it was not detailed). So I’d like to talk about that today. This happened about a month before Nate turned three years old.

Nate does not get easily sick. However, when it comes to colds and coughs, we’ve noticed that he gets those easily. And these two are always partners. If Nate has a cough, a few days after, colds will follow, and vice versa.

I always thought it was Dane’s asthma that he’s inherited. So when he had another cough, I gave him the same meds I’m giving him every time he’s down with a cough.

 However, as the night starts to draw near, the frequency of his coughing worsens. At around 5:30, we’ve noticed that it seems to have not stopped anymore.

One Monday afternoon around 5:30 PM, as I was getting ready to sleep for work, I knew it would be a challenging day as Nate had a cough again. Before that, I decided to take Nate to the “hilot” because we thought that his cough was caused by “pilay”. As soon as I was done eating dinner, Nate’s cough wouldn’t stop anymore. That’s when I decided it won’t be a good decision to sleep for work. I told my sister to help me get our things ready so we can go to the nearest hospital. By this time, Nate’s already coughing non-stop for about 30 minutes.

I am a tough mama. I always show toughness whenever Nate is hurt. I would tell him it’s OK and that pain is part of growing up. But during this time, I couldn’t help but worry about my son, even if I know I had to stay tough, especially that Dane is not with us. While we were in the tricycle to the nearest hospital, I was praying that his coughing would just stop ‘coz it is too painful to see him suffer. After about 10 minutes, we were already in San Mateo Doctors, we headed straight to emergency and I was told he had to be nebulized every 15 minutes.  After he was checked, I was told it’s possible for pneumonia.

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When the Pedia arrived, we were told he had to be admitted. I somehow expected that already. I emailed my boss and colleague about our situation and told them I could not report to work that day. I told my sister to call our other sibling and she followed us at the hospital.

Since he had difficulty breathing, he needed oxygen for two days. All the IV needle experience was the worst. His cries stab my heart each time. And what’s even heartbreaking? It took them four times to successfully put the IV on. We were all down and exhausted, even Dane could not focus on his work as he was thinking about Nate.

We stayed at the hospital for four days. Nate was weak and unhappy the whole time until the fourth day when he was finally off the IV. That was the only time he started jumping on the bed, eating more and laughing again. I am grateful for my job because I was able to report for work even we were at the hospital. And with everyone helping us in prayer, Nate recovered after four days and we were finally discharged after Nate was prescribed four different meds to take for a week.

Saturday that week, we decided we would buy the cheapest air conditioner I could find. I went to Abenson and bought one and about two weeks after we were discharged, he had anti-pneumonia vaccine at the same hospital. I hope that it will not happen to him again. Praise God for restoring his health.

Nate was diagnosed with moderate CAP (Community Acquired Pneomonia). According to MSD Manuals:

Community-acquired pneumonia develops in people with limited or no contact with medical institutions or settings. Symptoms and signs are fever, cough, sputum production, pleuritic chest pain, dyspnea, tachypnea, and tachycardia. Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation and chest x-ray. Treatment is with empirically chosen antibiotics. Prognosis is excellent for relatively young or healthy patients, but many pneumonias, especially when caused by S. pneumoniae, Legionella, Staphylococcus aureus, or influenza virus, are serious or even fatal in older, sicker patients.

CAP (Community Acquired Pneumonia) can be prevented by doing the following:
-Proper hygiene and frequent hand washing
-Zinc supplementation
-Adequate nutrition
-Reduction of indoor air pollution such as smoking and burning mosquito coils
-Keeping immune system strong

Most important of all is we do our best na ‘di na sya matuyuan ng pawis sa likod. This happened during summer season where it’s too hot everywhere. Many of my friends also have the same problems with their kids. I hope we won’t have to experience this ever again. To stay in the hospital is really tiresome and frustrating. I hope our experience helped you, let’s take care of our health always!

14 Replies to “Nate’s Heartbreaking Hospital Experience”

  1. Ang hirap talaga pag may nahospital noh. I feel you sa IV, ganyan din anak ko e, pahirapan sa pagtusok, kaso kailangan naman talaga para gumaling agad. Mahirap talaga pag mainit, yan kalaban natin. Every summer mas ok na sa kin magbayad ng elec bill na malaki kaysa mahospital dahil sa heatstroke, pneumonia or ano man.

  2. Oh my, I sure hope Nate is feeling a lot better now! It's always so hard to see children hospitalised, yung kung pwede tayo nalang ang turukan ng dextrose at gamot. Also, every summer, tuloy2 ang aircon namin (on cooler weather, usually 2-3 hours lang okay na) kasi I noticed na kung madaling araw, minsan pinagpapawisan kami and dili mabantayan ba na naugahan na diay huhu

  3. Spending time at the hospital can be a real pain especially if the patient is our kid. It can be real painful. I hate it when the nurses woild use needles to my boys or when they missed something important and my son suffered because of that negligence. I can be real masungit to them talaga. But then, thankful pa rin that your Nate is at home na and enjoying your aircon. Ihihi.

  4. I can relate about how hard it is to see our kids in pain whenever an IV is inserted repeatedly. My eldest was hospitalized when she was only 7 months old and it also took the nurses several times to insert the IV because she was really chubby and they couldn't see her veins. Glad to know that Nate survived this and hope that it won't happen again.

  5. Ouch!!! πŸ™ Sarap mang away pag ganun. kay Nate, naka 3 tries sila. Kung di pa dumating ung isang doctor, baka mas maraming attempts pa nagawa nila. Kawawa ang bata. πŸ™

  6. I saw your post on Facebook that day. I agree momshie, I myself, trying to be a tough mama to my daughter too. Pero every vaccine day, it breaks my heart seeing her crying, what more yong IV needle πŸ™ Good thing, he recovered easily. Uso talaga ang pneumonia sa toddlers, karamihan sa anak ng officemates ko pabalik-balik din sa hospital. Madali kasi matuyuan ang mga bata, dahil sa kakalaro.

  7. A few days back, I had another pneumonia scare, grabe. Bumalik ang ubo at sipon nya. In fact, he's still recovering now. I hope we won't need to go back to the hospital anymore. πŸ™

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