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Mama’s Love Letter

Last night’s a stressful day at work, I didn’t have a stable internet connection since yesterday and the internet promo that I registered said that my data usage was too high so they would slow it down because of fair usage policy. This happened at exactly 9 pm (start of my shift). I had no choice, Globe LTE was down in the area so I had to buy a new Smart LTE sim so I could work. (READ: Did Smart Pay Me to Bash Globe?)

I told you I needed to go out and buy a new sim card and you asked to go with me. I told you I couldn’t take you with me ‘coz I was in a hurry and I needed to be back asap, and besides, it’s night time already. You bargained and said if you wear a jacket and a hat, I could take you. I said I still couldn’t but promised you I would be back as soon as possible. You ok’d and I left. Oh, Nate! You always choose to understand! 

I just finished work and I am now sipping my noodles and milk so I can lie down beside you and rest right after. As I write this, I look at you from time to time, you are sleeping so soundly. And your sleeping position reminds me of your papa! You resemble him in so many ways!

How did time fly fast, Nate? I still remember the first time I saw you, you effortlessly made me fall in love with you right away! You were so little, so quiet, so chubby cheeks. Even papa couldn’t take his eyes away from you. He kept taking a photo of us while we were sleeping.

…you effortlessly made me fall in love with you!

Your first bath at the hospital was funny, your cry was so loud, even the people from the other room could hear it! And you still have that attitude even up to now! For whatever reasons, you hate bath times but love swimming, I don’t see the logic at all, anak! LOL!

Now, look at you! Your face changed, the size of your feet keeps growing, you are so much taller and you are the most talkative two-year-old I’ve ever seen! Wow, Nate! Tomorrow, we’ll be together for three years already – that’s how quick the moments passed! And before we know it, papa’s already back to be with us!

Tomorrow, you will turn three. God is great! We praise Him for your life! As you showcase your milestones every day with us, one thing’s not changed – you love me so much! And I love you too! You made life less sad even with papa not around. Thank you for all your hugs and kisses. I know you love me, I just know. And even if you throw tantrums at me sometimes, I know your love for me never changed!

As you showcase your milestones every day with us, one thing’s not changed – you love me so much! And I love you too!

You made me feel depressed, happy, down and confused at the same time. Life was never the same now that we have you. You are the reason why we strive. You are the reason we sacrifice. You are the reason we chose to be away temporarily. You, my dear, are the reason why. You give us hope and joy!

I am praying that God will give me the wisdom I need to nurture you. That you will not be astray and that you will be with us happily serving the Lord in the ministry that He has prepared for you to do.

I cannot wait to spend more adventures with you, Nate. So go on, just play, keep reading, continue learning, be talkative and always have fun! You are among the greatest gifts God has given us.

We love you so much, Nate!

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  1. The disadvantage of working at home is when you don't have stable internet connection. Happy birthday Nate! Natawa ko sa pagwear mo ng jacket at hat, makasama ka lang. Hehehe!

  2. Community and connection, which is what makes blogging so beautiful and fun. One tip though, make genuine connections and don't allow yourself to be trapped in paid causes and write-ups.

  3. No, it's not but i wish. 😀 Don't worry, I'll make a separate post about this soon. Di ko rin maintindihan bat pinag initan tong post ko e. Hehe.

  4. Thanks, I'll continue to keep that in mind. As far as I know, I was not complaining. Also, it would've been nice if you didn't hide under the name "anonymous" 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear you were having connection problems, po! Is it something that happens often? If it is po, baka it's time you switched na lang.

    Other than that po, I just stumbled upon your blog! Going thru your little one's story po. I know sometimes it feels like mahirap to be the best kind of mom, but I'm sure your son appreciates everything you do po 😀

  6. Aww.. Happiest birthday to your little one. Agree mommy, ang bilis ng panahon :'( My little one is turning two this May too.

    Ayaw niya rin ng bath time? hehe… Yong anak ko naman, laging umiiyak pag nababasa yong mata niya ng tubig, but she loves bath time and the beach too. kinda weird lang, hehe!

  7. I think, di lang naman siguro globe lang ang laging nagkaka probelama, pati din Smart. Smart ako ngayon sus me, ang bagal din… Minsan kasi sa signal talaga at sa weather din. Good thing may anak ka at sa murang edad ni Nate naiintindihan nya na stress ka at pagod.

  8. Uy, malapit na rin! Advance happy birthday to her! Haha. Yeah, ayaw nya naman pag binabasa ulo nya. Di ba, weird? haha. I don't see the logic talaga. lol.

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