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Mama & Nate’s Weekend Playdate

My cousin, who stayed at home for a few weeks for her interview with the US embassy gave Nate 13 game arcade tokens. Since the day Nate got it, he kept telling me to go to SM so he could use them. I told him we’d have to wait ’til the weekend to go there. He agreed, but the next day, he would tell me the same thing again! lol. So, finally, we went to SM San Mateo last Saturday so he could play and then we’d buy grocery after.

The tokens disappeared one by one (haha) so come Saturday and we only had 8 left! I let him play and choose where he wanted to spend the tokens on. Eight tokens are not enough though, so I bought 5 more, I believe, for 20 pesos.

vroom vroom! beep beep!

After the game arcade, I took him to another playhouse that we haven’t been before and stayed there for another 30 minutes. This playhouse is called Jump, Bounce ‘n Play. Space is a bit tiny for me, only a few kids can play in it together and good there, there were only about 7 of them when we were there. It has interactive inflatables that kids can enjoy. I like that this playhouse helps kids be more physically active through jumping and bouncing, I can say that Nate had fun. But when I asked him if he would prefer Kids @ Play over Jump, Bounce ‘n Play, he said he liked [email protected] more (maybe because of the cooking toys set, lol).

Nate having fun at Jump, Bounce ‘n Play. A few minutes later, he complained he’s already hungry! lol. 

Before our 30 minutes was up, Nate already said he’s hungry! I told him we needed to stay up to 30 minutes since the playhouse has “no refund” policy. Sayang ang bayad! hahaha. But 5 minutes before our time was up, we left and readied already.

We dined in Chowking (my favorite fast food resto) which is just located right next to the playhouse. I ordered Nate’s fave Choco pao and my all-time fave chao fan and wonton noodles. lol. Actually, almost everything about Chowking is love! Nate used to work there so this resto will never be forgotten.

Waiting for our foods to be served. Yay! No need for a high chair! ♥

After we ate, it was time to buy groceries and go home. When we were on our way home, I asked Nate if he enjoyed his time with me. With a big smile on his face, he nodded to say yes.

I am very happy too, son! ♥
Thank you! When papa comes home, we’ll be complete and will have simple dates together again!

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  1. Nice weekend you had. We frequent Tom's World for arcade games too. Nakakatuwa because when you have a little child talaga, even you will enjoy little things like this.

  2. Such simple joy to kids is already an overwhelming happiness to us parents. Glad Nate still appreciates arcade. Haha, just like my Firstborn, he also loves choco pao.

  3. My six-year-old also loves going to these play areas in the malls. He's always bugging us also to let him play there. The really nice ones can be super expensive though so we have to really plan for each trip.

  4. Don't you love it when they're old enough to take on dates? Yuri loves playing in the mall, too, but most of the time, he prefers play rooms over arcades. Dali ra man gud sya sabaan. Cheers to more mother-son dates!

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