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Did Smart Pay Me to Bash Globe?

Two days ago, I wrote a post I thought was a heartwarming message for my son to read when he grows up. Little did I know, that post would lead to a controversy and would make others think that I am being paid to say negative things about a telecom – Globe to be exact.

In my post with a title mama’s love letter, I talked about Nate and how happy and proud we are to be his parents. However, before that part, in a three-sentence paragraph, I mentioned that Globe was down in the area and that I had to use Smart so I could go online for my committed time at work. Additionally, I added a hyperlink on the anchor text ‘Smart LTE’ to direct it to the said telco’s website.

The first email I received regarding this concern and my email reply

The day after I posted it and shared it on Facebook (exactly my son’s 3rd birthday), someone emailed and asked if I really had to base Globe in favor of Smart. A few hours after, I replied and thanked him for bringing it up. I told him I was not thinking about that when I wrote the post and told him I would write a separate post about it in order to (hopefully) to clarify things. I thought that was the end of it till I read five more comments yesterday (two were not bold enough to disclose their names) accusing/questioning me of being paid by Smart to say something negative about Globe.

I could’ve just ignored this completely by deleting all their comments because I know for a fact that it’s not true, but I can’t just be silent about it. So here’s my “mama’s love letter part 2: the elaboration of the first paragraph” post. ๐Ÿ˜€

Initial reaction
First things first – I am not affiliated with either Globe or Smart. None from their PR department have contacted me ever since I started blogging.

I’ll be honest I was initially offended but I calmed down and thought of the positive side: somebody’s actually reading my blog! Lol! Just kidding! Pero sa isip ko, “talaga? May mga bloggers ng ganun? I did not know. Paid to promote, yes, meron, marami. Pero yung binayaran para manira ng company, never kong naisip yan sa mga negative reviews from different blogger posts na nabasa ko.” Who am I to judge them, di ba?

The backlink
Aside from this sentence: “I had no choice, Globe LTE was down in the area so I had to buy a new Smart LTE sim so I could work”, I believe the main reason they thought it was a paid post was because of the link from the anchor text “Smart LTE” which directs to the Smart website.

Regarding that, I would like to talk about outer and inner links briefly. I may not be an SEO expert but among the few things I know about it was the use of inner and outer links on my posts. As much as possible, I want to add one inner link (a link from a previous post on my blog) and one outer link (a link from a different website) on my blog posts due to SEO-related reasons (see example attached).

As much as possible, I want to add one inner link (a link from a previous post on my blog) and one outer link (a link from a different website) on my blog posts due to SEO-related reason. On this post, I added an outer link to the word “brownout” and linked it to Wikipedia and an inner link to my previous about Nate’s guitar. How do I choose the outer link? I search a specific word and choose the first organic search result (not the Ad). I copy the link and link it to the word on my blog.
In this post in question: I added an inner link to the texts “the first time I saw you” and linked it to my delivery story and used the word “Smart LTE sim” to search for an outer link and linked the first Google search result on my post (which was Smart’s website). 

About Globe
One thing they do not know about me is that I am a Globe customer for so many years already. I was a Globe DSL (let me add a Globe link also to be fair, hehe) user in 2013 when we were in Pasig then I switched to Globe Wimax when we moved to Litex, Commonwealth QC late 2013 to 2014. I had to cut my subscription because we moved in Batasan Hills since the house we were moving in already had an internet connection which was Bayantel. In fact, this is not the first time I blogged about my ISP experience. I also shared another experience with  Bayantel and Globe in the past.

Globe user for almost 2 years. Account under brother’s name.

Going back to my subscription with Globe: the last quarter of 2015, we decided to move here in San Mateo. The homeowner’s son said that Globe’s service in this area is great so I reapplied for a Globe subscription: the Globe LTE this time. I did not have much trouble with Globe, hence they’re still my ISP even up to now. May I add also add that I am a good payer so the Globe outbound sales reps called me several times already to offer me a phone plan? lol. But I had to decline ‘coz I didn’t need one.

I rarely have problems with my Globe LTE ’til this post when Globe LTE was really down in the area. I mean, of course, an ISP can be down sometimes, right? We all know that. My mobile number is from Globe, niregister ko sya para magamit sa work. Kaso I got an alert na mataas daw ang data usage ko so they would slow it down dahil sa fair usage policy na meron ang mga internet providers ngayon. I borrowed my sister’s prepaid Globe LTE sim and registered again for another GoSakto subscription kasi akala ko ung router lang ang may problema at hindi ang LTE signal. Unfortunately, the connection was still slow so I decided to buy another Smart sim backup. About getting a new Smart LTE sim, I already had one but for some reason, it already expired even though I did not have it for almost a month yet. I was unhappy about that but I had to still use it as my backup (sana naman di ako biglang makareceive ng email nito na ang Smart naman ang parang sinisiraan ko, haha).

I know it would’ve been clearer if I mentioned all this on my blog post but I didn’t. Why? Because this was not the main subject of my post – it was Nate. And that part was supposed to explain (well, I thought it was) why I thought my son was so understandable during that time that even though I was stressed out, he didn’t throw a tantrum and just said OK when I told him I really had to go.

The question now is: was Globe able to fix the issue? Yes. A technician came last Thursday (if I’m not mistaken). I told him about my internet problems – after checking, he said he had to replace my router. I also told him that LTE suddenly seems slow in the area during the past few days. Will I still continue to use Globe? Yes, I will. Will Globe not be down ever again? That I cannot tell, which I why I bought another Smart LTE as my backup in case there are any problems in the future. That being said, it was really not my intention to show favoritism on Smart over Globe.

Final thoughts
There are a few things I find weird about this:

A. These five comments were posted no more than an hour and a half apart. Ito ang pinakamaraming comments na napublished sa blog ko in an hour. I know my normal blog traffic, it’s not high. Here are the timestamps:

1st comment – Sat, May 6, 2017, at 1:37 PM
2nd comment – Sat, May 6, 2017, at 1:56 PM
3rd comment – Sat, May 6, 2017, at 2:28 PM
4th comment – Sat, May 6, 2017, at 2:39 PM
5th comment – Sat, May 6, 2017, at 2:44 PM

Times like this, I wish I know a way to check IP address from the comments I get on my blog. Was my blog post promoted by someone online that I get this many comments? Was it shared on an online community without my knowledge? Or is it just one person hiding under so many names? I do not know.

B. This is the first time I’m getting so many comments online without joining a comment exchange thread. I’m not a famous blogger, I don’t just get comments without promoting my posts. Yes, I join comment exchanges from blogging communities online to share my blog posts to other bloggers. I have known more bloggers because of comment exchange, marami akong naging kaibigang bloggers dahil dito. So to get this many comments without joining comment exchange threads yet is so rare.

C. I tried to put myself in a reader’s perspective re-read my post. I really thought, sa lahat ng nabasa ko sa post na ‘yun, I don’t think mapapansin ko ang first few sentences and come to a conclusion na binayaran ang nagsulat. But of course, that’s just me, so I could be wrong.

There’s always more than just a tip of an iceberg – this is why we don’t judge right away. Because unless supported, the issue remains a theory. Just as these commenters have the right to say this about me, I have the right to explain my side of the story. I am going to edit the previous post so that I can direct the readers to this blog post. Other than that, I will not make any revisions on the post. I am not guilty. Well, part of me wants to do that because that post is for my son to read in the future and I wanted to keep the negativity away but I chose to just keep it that way.

There’s always more than just a tip of an iceberg – this is why we don’t judge right away…

If there is something I wish I have done differently, I hope I chose a different anchor text for my outer link. What did I learn from this experience? I learned to be more careful with my posts and not judge others too quickly, especially if I don’t have any proofs to defend my claims.

I hope this post is enough to say that I am not paid by Smart to bash Globe. If not, then I respect that. We are all entitled to our own opinions. If they still think of me that way, that’s up to them. Maybe just be a friendly reminder for them too, baka sa kaka-insist kasi nila, bumaliktad sa kanila at baka sila pa ang mapasama, mapag-isipan na they’re paid by Globe to clear its name, you know? We can’t control what other people think about us anymore, just like I could not control what they thought of me about that post. We can’t shove down something on anyone’s throat. But here’s what I can confidently say, the people who know me personally know that I am not that kind of person. 

Peace around the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry for the long post. Here’s a blogging potato: http://www.deskpotato.ca/images/deskpota.jpg

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  1. I hope this made everything clear. And rest assured, we attest to your character. That though there are bloggers who write paid posts to promote a brand in the expense of its competing brand, we are certain you don't belong to that kind of league. Happy blogging and good vibes lang lagi ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I read that post and I did not see anything wrong about it. IMO, you are just sharing your experience. I feel you, it happened to me before when I was starting to blog but I guess there are really pros/cons in having a blog. You cannot please everybody but you don't have to please them too. Ang importante is, alam mo ang totoo.

    "Some people only listen to and believe what they want to hear, the truth to them is irrelevant"

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