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BPI Secured Credit Card

Today, I got my very first BPI credit card. It’s a credit card like no other, lol! It’s a secured credit card. 🙂 It is for those who can’t provide the requirements for a regular credit card.

Although the process felt like forever to complete, I’m happy it’s finally over. For one straight week, I kept going back and forth to BPI San Mateo and they could not accommodate my request because every time I go, the system is down, haha! Lucky me!

Before secured credit cards, I never wanted to have a credit card at all! I was so afraid that I would not be a good steward and become one of those na talagang nabaon sa utang. That’s my greatest fear, ang mabaon sa utang, lalo na kung di naman need ang binili ko. Which is why Dane and I try to save little by little when our pay comes. We’re not financially stable yet, in fact, we still don’t have a 6-month worth of emergency funds in our account. But we’re hoping one day, we will. Life is so much different now that we have Nate already. Talagang masasabi mong, hindi na talaga pwede ang papetiks petiks pag may anak na, no?

So going back to my secured BPI credit card, it was my online friend who told me the advantages of having a credit card. And I really think a credit card is good, as long as one can control the use of it. I will talk about the reasons why I decided to get a secured BPI credit card in a different post.

OK, the credit limit for this credit card, by the way, is just 10k, lol. I’m just happy I finally got it. If I wanted to increase my credit limit, all I have to do is deposit additional money in my BPI account.

I’m really happy banks have this so-called secured credit cards now. If not for this, I wouldn’t have applied for a credit card.

To know more about secured credit cards, check this post I found online: https://www.bankbazaar.ph/credit-card/secured-credit-cards.html

Do you have a credit card or a secured credit card? Aside from paying it on time and just buy the things I need, what’s your advice for a first time user like me so I can get the most out of it?

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  1. I've been a credit card user for a decade na, napagdaanan ko na yung nabaon ako sa utang lols pero mabuti nalang bago ako umalis sa corporate world, nasettle naman. Mabuti nalang si Hubby against sa paggamit ng card, puro kami cash transaction lately. For emergency nalang talaga si cc.

  2. I have credit card ever since I started working and good thing meron pa rin kahit wala na work. Over a decade ago, BPI also offered me secured credit card but I declined kasi ayaw ko ng magdeposit pa para lang maincrease limit. But when they learned that I have savings with them, nabigyan ko ng credit card talaga. hehehe! From time to time we change credit card company din kung san mas marami benefits. 🙂 Congrats to your secured credit card!

  3. Sounds interesting, Nilyn! I love how there are more options to choose from no, from prepaid credit cards to ngayon naman, secured credit cards. Expired na prepaid credit card ko so I'm looking for another one. Might just consider this!

  4. Again, a first time to hear about this kind of card. I had my credit card cancelled months ago. Main reason is for me not to be tempted to overspend on grocery. We mainly use our card for grocery. But a renewal came and one time we just do not have cash with us, we used the card for our grocery. hehehe. Tempting talaga minsan.

    The good thing about your card is you could limit the usage because the credit limit is the amount inside the bank. Nakakatamad magdeposit to increase lang the credit limit. Ehehe.

    Enjoy your credit card and happy spending este be a wise spender pala.

  5. Thank you, sis! Takot pa gumamit, baka malubog. lol. Ang galing, may friend din akong ganyan, inoofferan na ng CC kasi may account naman with the bank.

  6. haha. Thanks! Planning to use this for groceries and utility bills din, Meralco that is. At siguro konting treat sa sarili from time to time. lol.

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