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For the past two weeks (or more), I have been in hiatus on blogging again. It was not my plan, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to stop writing. Now, things are starting to be back to normal again, and I’m happy to be back. There are three main reasons why I was missing in action again:

Nate had pneumonia
My last post (excluding the Herbalife press release) was about Nate’s fever. As we all know, fever is an indication that the body is fighting against illnesses. Nate recovered from fever after two days then he had a cough and colds after that. I though the fever was because of his a cough and colds, I did not know something bigger was coming.

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Monday evening around 6 PM, I was getting ready to sleep since I work at 9 PM. Before eating our dinner, I decided to take Nate to the “hilot” because we thought that his cough was caused by “pilay”. While we were eating dinner, Nate started coughing non-stop. I thought it would stop but 30 minutes passed and it still didn’t. I decided to take him to the hospital. I will make a separate post about this. But long story short, we stayed at the hospital for four full days because he had a moderate Community Acquired Pneumonia. It was heartbreaking and stressful for both Nate and I but I’m glad he’s fully recovered now.

I had flu
Just when Nate was recovering from his illness, I started feeling weak. It could be because of the stress and sleepless days at the hospital. Because of the nature of my job, I was able to work at night even though we were in the hospital. However, I did not have a good rest during the day since I had to take care of Nate – he was so clingy, he would not let others take care of him.

Sunday morning, I knew I was going to be sick. I was sick for about two full days and I started recovering on the third day. I decided to give myself ample to time to rest. I forgot about blogging and doing other things. All I did was rest, work at night and be with Nate. It’s important to give ourselves a break, I don’t do this often, kaya siguro bumigay ang katawan ko.

My sister is going home
Our youngest sister is going back home today (she just checked in as of writing). I gave her time to go to places she wanted to go. She went to Mt. Pamintinan recently and had a great time with Beb, my sister next to me. That means, Nate is left with me and I had to spend most of my time with him.

Aside from that, our church youth also decided to visit our house to say goodbye to her and also celebrate Agnes’s birthday. Agnes is one of our youth leaders. They hiked to Timberland Heights and some of them slept over and watched movies overnight. Ah, I wish I can still do that! About a decade ago, that was my life, never caring for the time and I could watch all the movies I like to watch, lol!

So, those are the main reasons why I was silent for weeks. How about you? What kept you busy recently?

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  1. Glad that Nate is okay now. I've been MIA lately because I've been trying to clean/organize our house which seems impossible when you have 2 toddkersand a 5 month old baby. Haha

  2. Good to know that Nate is okay now, ang hirap talaga pagnaconfine sa hospital, parang hindi rin napapahinga. I'm trying my best to update my blog too, busy-busyhan din ang peg ko ngayon. Ang dami ko na rin backlog. hehehe!

  3. Thank God that Nate is okay now.. and I agree, as a mom, we also need to give ourselves a break kasi 24/7 job yung meron tayo and we need to take vitamins too. Medyo busy din ako sa house chores and biz tasks 🙂 sa blogging sana maconsistent ko din sis (hehe!)

  4. Praying that nate will always in a good health specially right now na wala na si Chen2 ang mabilis na nagbabantay kay nate habang sa work ka. Ikaw din sana di narin magkasakit kasi mahirap magkasakit ang mama unya layo pa ang bana.

  5. Been a busy week and thank God that everything is back to normal again. I feel sad that your youngest sister just went home but then again, I know your parents would be happy to see her again. Good to know as well that your Nate is all well. That is the most important thing. And always take care of yourself, too. Nate needs you more than ever. And in order to fully function, you need your health.

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