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WAHM Diaries: Nate and His Fever

It has been a habit for me to wake up early during Sundays. I used to be so tardy during this day that we were always late in our Sunday School back then. Thank God for His help, we have not been tardy in the church for months now.

As I write this, my little Nate is sleeping soundly in the other room. Praise God for helping my boy recover from illness. Two days ago, he was down with a fever that I had to take care of him, even at work. He was sleeping on my lap for two nights while I work. I don’t know how I made that possible, but I did. It was not easy but we made it through.

During the time that he was sick, I managed to make him take his meds and drink more fluids by telling him about the good and the bad bacteria that are fighting inside his body. He always know that the “bad” is never his friend so he knew the bad bacteria is the reason why he has a fever. I told him these bad bacteria needs to go out of his body. And that he can help the good bacteria win by eating, taking his meds, and drinking more water. Every time he goes to the bathroom to pee, he would always say, “lumabas na ang bad bacteria, mama? Dapat ang good bacteria, hindi lumabas.”

However, because of his canker sores, I really noticed he doesn’t eat much food. I wanted his pain to go right away, I almost offered him Paracetamol to take. However, because of what I learned from our Natural Healing seminar about fevers and how Paracetamols may lengthen them, I gave him more Vitamin C instead.

Praise God he is finally healed. The cause of his fever? I say it could be the two molars that are causing his gums to swell. Thank God for His sustaining grace and for the strength He also gave me as I took care of him and work at the same time.

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  1. I'm a paranoid mom so even fever lang, minsan nagpapanic na ko. hehehe! I've read your post in FB, I hope Nate will be okay soon. Get well soon Nate.

  2. I hope he recovers totally! Ang hirap sa damdamin kapag mga anak natin ang may sakit. They really need additional vitamins to boost the immune system, and exercise. My eldest had canker sores na rin in the past, and it was bad. Good health to you and your family! 🙂

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