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Sundayvotion: Building Each Other Up

It’s been a while since I last posted a Sundayvotion. I have no excuse for doing that. Today, I would like to talk briefly about building each other up.

We see it in social media, people fighting over some issues. Their arguments are not going anywhere. None of them are willing to let go of their contentions.
Sometimes, we see a good post online and say, “aw, that’s really nice!” But no matter how wonderful the post is, we still see someone in the comment section saying something negative. 
In elementary, learned that one of the negative traits of a Filipino is crab mentality. Meaning, just like the crabs, we have the tendency of pulling others down when we see them going up. 
The word of God is telling us not to think this way. Instead, encourage one another and help build each other up. When we have this mentality, we will be happy to see others excel in the area that they’re good at. If we have this kind of mindset, we will not be jealous of what others have achieved. We will be contented with our lives and will not compare ourselves with others. 
With God’s help, we can help build each other up and not tear each other down. And by God’s grace, we can all succeed together. 
Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! ♥
God bless us all!

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  1. I agree with you, whenever I browse my newsfeeds, I always read some arguments online. Even I find the article or videos, funny or cute, there are still people who will post negative comments. I guess, you can never please everybody. But yes, we should build each other up and not pull them down.

  2. Happy people are always happy for others. Those who are hurt and have bitterness have nothing positive to say. They always see the negative. Haha We badly need to spread tge love and encourage one oanother.Especially those who always see the negative in a world full of sunshine. 🙂

  3. I always believe that in order for one to succeed, he should always carry with him others too on his climb to success. It is better to celebrate with a companion than none at all. Thus, I always make it a point to be happy for my friends and always think of them as well.

  4. You're right, can't please anybody talaga. Like you, napapakunot noo nalang ako when I see a negative comment on a post I think is really nice.

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