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Sister’s Farewell Letter

My youngest sister, Ashiel, went home last Friday, April 14th. The house is so much different now after she stayed here for about eight months. However, I’m happy that she’s finally back home. My parents missed her so much – that I can say. She has been the one to help me with Nate when she was here. Before she left, she made sure to leave me a letter. This was what it said: 

Hello my boss. 😂😂😂 Thank you sa tanan ate.. I know disagree mo sa pag stop nako this. S.y. pero salamat Kay nanugot ramo.. Kay no choice man pud mo hahaha.. To stop this. S.y is big deal kaayo sa ako. I think Mao ni ang pinaka been g decision na nagawa ko ever since.. Kapoy man gud skwela.. Hahaha. Kanang stress kaayo.. Maka pressure. Dili pa ko k-12 ready. You know kanang akong mindset that time nga kasi kami Yung 1st batch Baka I trial and error.. Baka experimental lang among batch.. Hahahaha.. Gikapoy jud ko.. 

So salamat Kay gidawat ko nimo dire ug sa pagsalig nga ako ang mag caretaker Kay Nate..As a teenager, dili na linya namo ang pag bantay. di ko pa bet yang pag aalaga ng Bata.. Kapoy kaya.. Haha..thank you kaayo te ha.. Daghan pud kog natun an Kay Nate… Ambot daghan pud ba kaya siyag natin an sa ako.. Mamimiss ko talaga iyang mga hapak, sorry kung sige ramig away… Si Nate kasiiiiiii…  Haha.. But I’m so thankful Kay Lord for giving me more knowledge and wisdom on how to take care of Him.. Though, wala koy natun an na lessons from school but naa pud koy natun an nga lessons sa akong pag puyo dire nga grabe makatabang in my entire life. Kung unsaon pag alaga ug anak para soon kung naa nakoy anak..May background na ako.. Nate is my training ground for my future.. 😄😄 ug isa pa I know how to be more responsible.. Kanang kaya na nimo manginabuhi w/out your parents..   

Te makaaingon jud ko na nag mature ako dito.. Haha.. Thank you pud Kay nagka bonding tang 3..  

Pero ate murag sobraan na ni kataas akong speech.. Haha.. So Tama na.. ..
Basta salamat kaayo sa tanan.. I’m so thankful to God nga naabot  ko dire..salamat sa mga treats, sa mga first time nga na experience nako.. Sa mga blog event. Thank you kaayo..!! 

Tama jud ang verse sa ROM. 8:28 na all things work together for good. To those who loved God.. 

Nga ang Ginoo naa Juy plano sa imong life if you let Him lead..
So continue lang sa pag served Kay Lord ate.. Don’t be discouraged agad hah!! Bisan naay mga pagsubok, normal ramana Kay naa man ta dire sa territory ni Satan..so agwanta lang sa.. 

Okay.. See you when I see you ate.. BYE!! God bless us all..
I LOVE YoU!!! ❤

I won’t translate everything because it’s pretty long, lol! But to summarize, she said she was thankful for everything. She knew we didn’t like that she stopped schooling (I didn’t like at first but I understood in the end) but we had no choice. She said she was really just tired and needed to rest.

She was thankful that I trust her in taking care of Nate and that her experience with Nate was a training. She was thankful for the experiences and bonding she had with us and that she could say she has matured during her stay here.

She left me with a verse in Romans 8:28 and encouraged me to stay strong in spite of all of the life’s trials and ended her letter with “I love you” πŸ™‚

She’s really sweet. I cannot imagine the little girl I took care of when I was young is now 17 years old. She’s kind, smart,  and she diligently reads the bible daily. During her stay here, she was able to go to places she’s never been before. She taught Nate so many things, she taught him verses, songs and more. I have always trusted her when it comes to taking care of Nate.

Now, she’s back home to continue her studies. Although I did not like that she stopped schooling, I agree that all things work together for our good (that’s according to her). I gave her a certificate of appreciation, kulitan namin at sabi ko, at least my certificate sya this school year! lol. I wish her life’s happiness and success.

The certificate I gave her before she left, lol!

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  1. Haha. I love the certificate you gave! Haha kulit. πŸ™‚ It can be really difficult for us sisters when our younger siblings make poor choices. I've learned that with my brother that through this time, all we have yo do is stay with them. πŸ™‚ great job! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, at in fairness, mukhang win-win ang situation namin sa pag stop nya, so ok lang. Tuksuhan namin 'tong certificate, para daw may award sya kahit di nag-aral. haha.

  3. Hahahaha! Ganahan kaau ko sa certificate nga imong gihimo ba, makalingaw! pero nakaka miss din talaga si Chen2 every time na nakikita ko sya parang lagi lang nakangiti murag walay problema ba. Pero sigurado ma miss jud sya ni Nate and same pud niya ma miss pud niya si Nate.

  4. Awwww. Wish I have siblings who can come over and stay with us for a while. kaya lang my sibs have bigger, more comfy homes than ours hahaha. How sweet! It really does seem like things worked together for good.

  5. Awww… sibling love! I can relate, I grew up in a big family. We are all close esp. my 2 sisters. We have no secrets policy since we were kids.

    Your sister is so thoughtful and I love your certificate of appreciation. So sweet! <3

  6. When I was studying, hindi agad maganda ang tingin pag sinabi na nagstop magschool but now that I'm a mom iba na tingin ko. If going to college, I think it is better to stop and evaluate your dreams and priorities kaysa pumasok tapos panay shift naman ng course, mas sayang ang pera. But it is good to know na she is going back to school, at least di naman nasayang stay niya sayo, may certificate pa siya na nakuha. hehehe!

  7. You know what, may point ka jan! Check na check, agree ako. Kaya nga ako, di ko na din sya pinilit. Maganda din talaga pag namiss mo isang bagay minsan e.

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