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Wig Talk: Natural Wig VS Synthetic Wigs

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

People use wigs for various reasons. Although I, myself, do not use any wigs at all, celebrities and cancer patients find wigs beneficial. Today, I learned that wigs have different types: the most common are natural wig and synthetic hair

Natural Wig VS Synthetic Wigs

The natural wig
The natural wig is made out of either human, horse, buffalo hair, or wool. It looks and feels glossy like your own hair. People who use natural wig say that it is comfier and more breathable. It has excellent quality – it can last long with proper care.

The major drawback with natural hair is it’s more expensive and needs high maintenance. Since it is like human hair, it needs more effort. Since natural wig doesn’t come out of the box ready-to-wear,  it needs daily styling. It also needs to be washed, hydrated and conditioned. With that, you will have to use products formulated for the human hair.

The synthetic hair
Synthetic hair is made out fine plastic fibers like polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl. They are processed to look more like a real hair. They are more affordable compared to the natural wig. The colors are more vibrant too.

With technology advancing nowadays, the synthetic wig has come a long way. Its quality has improved, others can’t even tell the difference between natural and synthetic wigs anymore.

Since the synthetic hair is made out of plastic, it means it cannot stand the heat. No blowers, curling irons, and straighteners for synthetic hair. You will not be able to style them, unlike natural wig.

Natural Wig VS Synthetic Wigs 

Those who use wigs weigh their options on whether they would purchase natural wigs or synthetic ones. If I will ever need one, I think I will go with the cheaper one. 🙂


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  1. Natawa ako ng slight sa dog photo hahaha! Wigs are more acceptable nowadays. Even people who aren't going bald do enjoy buying wigs and changing their hairstyles once in a while. I wanted to try the extensions, or the bangs that can be clipped onto your hair anytime you want. 🙂

  2. I haven't tried wearing wig but I agree with Shalene. Some people use wigs not because they are bald but for hairstyle. Lalo na yung mga mahirap pahabain na buhok, wig na lang para madali. 🙂

  3. Natawa ako sa picture, sis! Hahaha! I remember when I was still a teenager, I fancy on wearing wigs kasi ang bagal humaba ng hair ko. Tapos kinky pa sya kaya I always wondered how I look ba with long, straight hair. Haha!

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