12 Replies to “Renewing my Unionbank EON card”

  1. Very informative. When BPI is linked to Paypal, can you transfer your paypal money to BPI so you can withdraw them? Kase I can't link my BDO to my Paypal. Sabi sa BDO hindi daw ready and BDO for that.

  2. Hassle talaga if you need to go back pa for the card. From the start, I also linked my Paypal to BPI kaya I did not get the EON Card, it takes 3 days lang to transfer the funds. Good thing that you were able to add your bank na, baka system error lang dati.

  3. I hate it talaga if you go back for the same transaction because of lapses coming from the other party. Kainis lang. Sayang ang effort, ang pamasahe, ang lahat. Nagiinit ulo ko tuloy. Eheh.

  4. EON cards are for update pala sis. Mandatory na kasi may security chip na mga ATM cards now. So wala pa EON cards na available now. Kukuha din sana ako, I got GET GO instead.

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