Our Adobo Connection Experience

Our Adobo Connection Experience
We tried Adobo Connection on our visit to SM San Mateo a few weeks ago. How was it, you may ask? Here’s my what I can say about this dining place.
We played in the game arcade and planned to sing karaoke. However, since there were still a lot of customers waiting in line for the karaoke, we decided to have dinner first. One of the nearest restos was Adobo connection. We decided to dine here to give it a try. Let me share our experience here.

Affordable food offer

The price is one of the reasons we decided to try Adobo Connection. For a set of Php 599 only, we got to try their classic adobo, adobo sa gata, pansit, 10 shanghai rolls, chichadobo, veggie kare-kare, 3 pcs saba’t gulaman and 5 iced tea. It was one of the many family sets that they offer. This is certainly a place to go especially if you are on a budget and you are a group of 5 above.
Our Adobo Connection Experience

Filipino-themed restaurant

Their wall decors speak a lot about the Philippines. It has a photo of our national hero, barong tagalog and maria clara outfits, our famous jeepney and kalesa, different tourist destinations from the Philippines and more. Because of that, we enjoyed snapping a few photos while waiting for our food to be served.

Our Adobo Connection Experience
Love their wall designs

Our Adobo Connection Experience

The place

Furthermore, Adobo Connection in SM San Mateo can accommodate about 25-30 customers. With 30 being too crowded already. By the time we were there, there were about 16 customers including us and it was OK. We waited for about 10 minutes for our food to be served.Our Adobo Connection Experience

The food

First of all, the sets look big on photos. So I was a bit surprised with how small their servings were. Although, it was more than enough for our group of 4 women and 1 toddler. I doubt it would be enough if we have males in the group.
Our Adobo Connection Experience
Their food tasted fine, nothing extraordinary. Medyo nakakaumay ang adobo katagalan. Pero nabusog parin kami. Ang mga kinain namin dito, parang handa ng Filipino party. I’m not saying they don’t taste good, I’m saying they’re ordinary, nothing spectacular on the taste.

Our Adobo Connection Experience

All in all, it was a good experience. Hence, I’ll be happy to go back here, especially when I’m on a budget. 😀 lol! It’s the cheapest restaurant for me (next to fast food).
Adobo Connection SM San Mateo branch is located at:
3rd Floor, SM City San Mateo
Have you tried Adobo Connection? How was your experience?

12 Replies to “Our Adobo Connection Experience”

  1. The poster really looks deceiving noh, most of the time talaga iba yung nasa picture sa totoong serving. P599 is an affordable package for 5 persons. Good thing maliit pa si Nate kaya nagkasya naman food sa inyo. Iba nga naman appetite ng guys. 🙂

  2. I always look forward kumain dito kaso laging daan lang. Yun nga din naisip ko baka nothing special kaya siguro we are not fascinated sa kainan na yan 🙂 Anyhow, looks nabusog nga kayo, thanks for sharing the experience you had ♥

  3. We've dined at Adobo Connection a couple of times before. You're right, it's nothing spectacular but the food is good enough naman. Definitely a good choice if you're on a budget.

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