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4 Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate


Last week, one of my blogger friends (insert one of my fave bloggers too), Momi Berlin talked about the advantages and disadvantages of having a big family via psst.ph. I was smiling while reading the articles because as someone who is from a big family, I can totally relate to everything she said!

With that, I thought I should write about my experience as a member of a big family too. We are a family of six and I was the eldest of four kids. You can just imagine how challenging it is for me try to be a “good example” to my siblings. Although, I’m not talking about that now ‘coz that’s a different story. 🙂

Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate: You are accustomed to noise

Screaming, crying, laughing out loud, singing and quarrels – that’s set up we always have at home before almost every day when we were young!  So when I see siblings arguing, I’d just be like: “nah, they’ll get along again pretty soon!”.

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Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate: Hand-me-downs

Unless there’s a need for a new outfit, you will have to enjoy a bunch of hand-me-downs. Not only from your older siblings but from your other cousins. Sometimes I would feel really sad because of the things we couldn’t afford to buy. Lol! But on a serious note, these experiences helped us become who we are now.

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Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate: Food contest

I’m shaking my head right now, as I remember how funny it was before when we would have food contest at home sometimes. And by food contest, I mean either secretly hiding your part of meat under the rice or eating it as fast as you can so your siblings can’t ask from you!

GIF source: IndiaTimes

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Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate: Picking on your sibling is normal

My siblings and I used to pick on each other almost every day when we were still young. I guess mother was already immune to it, she wouldn’t mind most of the time anymore. Lol! It is annoying when you think of it but now that we’re grown-up, I’m happy I was able to share those silly moments with them when we were still young.

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4 Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate

There you have it, my list of 4 funny things people from big family can relate. I always say this: because we were from a bigger household, we had a serious financial struggle growing up. My parents find it difficult to make ends meet. However, even with that difficulty, I would never change anything about my family. I love them and for me, home is imperfectly perfect. ♥

Are you from a big or small family? What are the advantages and disadvantages that you see as part of it?

8 Replies to “4 Funny Things People from Big Family Can Relate”

  1. Nice refection here. I came from a small family with my mom and her only daughter living in a small house. I married and God continuously blesses us with children. The house can be sometimes real messy and noisy but just like you, I will not trade it for anything else. Hurray for big families!

  2. When I was a kid, we don't usually buy new clothes, tuwing Christmas lang yata kami nagshopping. So I'm also thankful for hand-me-down clothes, I received clothes from cousins. How I wish, may namamana na clothes din anak ko para tipid kaso wala e. 🙂

  3. I only have one sibling, so I can't relate. But growing up, Mom has always said how she wished she bore more children because our house is pretty boring, hehe. She even told me to have at least 4 children. If only I don't have so much difficulty getting pregnant, I'd love to have at least 3 children. Iba ang saya eh!

  4. This is the reason why we want to have at 3 kids too. Pero I don't think I can manage, I'm not sure! lol! For now, we don't have plans to have another one soon. Maybe after we settle back in the province.

  5. Back then, hand me downs were embarrassing. I was a happy child and wasn't embarrassed when I was getting hand me downs, I thought they were pretty, but the kids who owned them made me feel very small that time. (Didn't get from my sibs, got hand me downs from kids of my friends) 🙁 But look now! Hand me downs are IN! We have so many clothes buy and sell on FB pa nga lang eh. I would have loved having sisters and using hand me downs wouldn't be an issue.

  6. YES!!! That's true! And and hand me downs now, nabebenta na, di lang bigay! Ako before, I didn't like hand me downs. Ambisyosa ako nun, gusto ko bago kahit wala pambili. lol.

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