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Drum Set for Toddlers + Nate’s Cute (and Funny) Review

An FB friend’s post of her son playing a newly purchased drumset reminded me that I have been planning to buy Nate one and just keep forgetting about it. Poor me!

Since Nate is in love with the drum set in the church, I decided to buy him a drum set already (it’s been long overdue anyway). There’s a lot of cute drum set available in Lazada to choose from. However, since I wanted to buy a cheaper set, I purchased the one with no bass drum – just five drums, and one cymbal for PHP 699.

Nate was so excited when I told him about it that he kept asking me every day about the drum set (and when he would get it)! When it was finally delivered two (2) days after I ordered it, Nate was all smiles as I open the package. Oh, his reaction was priceless! Nakakatuwa!

This was what we got:
– 5 drums in 3 different sizes
– 1 plastic chair
– 2 plastic drumsticks

For Php 699, I think it is affordable. I wish it had the bass drum and pedal but with that in the set, the price goes up to PHP 1, 500+, that’s double the price for just a bass drum and pedal!

I’m satisfied with this purchase. The product is easy to assemble, any moms can do it without daddy’s help. I’m happy that Nate likes it too. The drums sound nice but the cymbal doesn’t have a good sound, parang lata lang. Pero I wasn’t surprised, I never expected it to sound like a real cymbal since it was just a toy. Also, mabilis mayupi ang cymbal pag napapalo ng stick, tawa nga kami ng tawa kasi konting pukpok pa lang, bugbog sarado na sya. haha.

The “bugbog-saradong” cymbals after a few days of use. lol.

Nate, on the other hand, has so many things to say about it! Lol! He was so cute, I decided to blog it too! Nate is soooo talkative already. He has something to say to almost anything! So, here’s Nate’s first toy review:

1. “Dapat ‘yong blue!” – Nate’s favorite color for now (for now ‘coz sometimes he likes yellow), he wanted it blue. We got a red one. Unfortunately, the color is sent randomly. If only I could choose, I would have chosen blue.

2. “Dapat ‘di outbalance!” – He meant the chair. So I think the chair is not so reliable because even a two-year-old can say that the chair easily gets out of balance. Nate even got another chair to use.

3. “Dapat walang sulat!” – Nate didn’t like all the writings on the drums saying “my first band” with all the star drawings all over it. I think they’re trying to make it look attractive since kids like stars (and all), but Nate’s not buying it. He wished it was just plain with no writings/drawings at all.

Nate didn’t like the drawings and writings on the drums. He wanted it blue as well (colors are sent randomly)
4. “Dapat may apakan.” – Since Nate knows the basic parts of a drum set, he knows that something’s missing on this set. He was looking for the bass drum and the pedal to step on. I told him it’s not on the set because, with those, it’s more expensive. I think he understood but he kept saying this more than ten (10) times that day, I guess. Lol! 
I had no problem with this purchase, delivery was fast. However, let me set your expectation that this it does not have a very good quality, it’s not super durable. Although, with proper care, I know this product can last long. All in all, Nate loves this toy and he plays it from time to time. 

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  1. Sad naman that you cannot choose color. P699 is a reasonable price for this toy, I'm sure kung sa mall mas mahal pa. He likes musical instruments noh? Kami wala talent sa ganyan, hehehe!

  2. Nate's so cute! He should be vlogging din like the other kids na nagto-toy review. πŸ˜€ Anyway, start 'em young ika nga nila diba. I like it that you encourage and support Nate's love for music. Mahalaga talaga sa mga bata na merong taga-suporta sa mga gusto nilang gawin and we, moms, are the their number 1 fans talaga diba? πŸ™‚

  3. Hahaha. Surely your Nate would be busy playing with the drum set. Ang ingay nyan kahit papatulog na. Hahaha. But the important thing is, mageenjoy sya for sure. I love his review. Dapat naman kasi kulay blue, may apakan, walang sulat at di outbalance. Ahhaha.

  4. haha Nate knows a real set from a toy one, that's why. πŸ™‚ Since we're also raising young musicians, our youngest seems to show a bit of skill in the drums as well. My husband wants to buy a mini set but I said I can only take an electric one. The one with volume functions hahaha

  5. This is super cute! My friend is a drummer in his Church Choir and guess what, his niece who just turned one already wants to use his drum set!!! Lolz… This is just too cute!!!

  6. That's great that Nate likes his drum set! Kids love music and making noise! I am an elementary school teacher and I always like it when we can play instruments in the classroom. But it is unfortunate when the quality of the instruments is not so great. Even Nate can tell!

  7. Oh wow oh wow! This is a really great toy! I'm sure my little Summer would love this. When we visited her cousins in Denmark, she really had a good time playing the drum set of one of her cousins. They were full-size though so I think if she gets a mini-size then she will have a wonderful time making music albeit freeform.

  8. Anything could last long if you really take care of it. It's really nice to have a kid who's into music at such a young age. This makes me remember my keyboard before I got my piano. I practiced with it since they do not want to buy me a piano just yet because I was a kid then. They'd say that my mind would still change but it didn't. Music is one of my passions in life.

  9. Yes, best to teach them young! They learn to very fast at that tender age.
    The set looks sturdy enough too. Pity my kids have outgrown this. πŸ™‚

  10. that's a cute drum set for Nate, especially he got what he wanted. Oh well, I also never thought of a good sound for a toy, but was amused with how good it is from your review. Cymbals are actually hard to make for a good sound, I am not an expert on this, but I am surrounded with a family mostly play drums both professionally and for personal use only. And they usually had a hard time in getting the best sound for cymbals. πŸ˜€

  11. I have a feeling Nate will love music til he grows old too. I'm hoping. πŸ™‚ Hubby and I are into music and so we really love to pass it along to Nate.

  12. Super cute! hehehe. Kids really love these kind of stuff. I remember when I was a kid, I love playing with musical instruments too! I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the drum set very much! And hopefully one day he'll play a real drum set and be a drummer. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh goodness I can imagine the banging on that cute drumset. So much fun! Your son is so funny complaining about the letters on the drums, they are a bit distracting aren't they? Don't forget to make videos!

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