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Different Candy For Do-It-Yourself Candy Buffets

This is a guest post from Sweet Services.

Candy buffets are very popular. They are truly beautiful, tasty, and unique. They are more easily received than the traditional cake tables and there is something for everyone.  With all the popularity, the one question that is probably asked the most is, “What candy do you use?”  We are going to give you some basic formulas for your DIY candy buffet. However, keep in mind this is just a basic guide.  The weather, occasion, theme, and age of the party guests could affect the final selection.

Before you begin, determine a budget. There are people who spend way more than they need to trying to create their DIY candy buffet. Let’s face it. There are some great designer candies out there and if we indulge too much, we can have a very expensive designer candy table.  If you are planning a designer candy selection, keep it to one or two at the most.

Next, choose your colors. You should try to stay with three colors (the hues of the colors can vary as long as they are basically the same three colors). This pulls together your buffet along with the theme, for the wow factor.


Choose three from this list. Keep in mind the candy can be mixed so the flavors should compliment each other. Mix different varieties for a fun look and flavor.

M&M’s Hershey’s Kisses Malt Balls Buttons Smarties Dots

Tootsie rolls caramels

Choose two, (or four of these and mix them) for a great look.

Lollipops stick candy rock candy & rock candy on sticks Dum-Dums Nerds ropes

Gum balls mints salt water taffy hard candy Pop Rocks

Choose two

Jelly beans gummy bears gummy fruit slices gummy worms, etc.

Marshmallows Cotton Candy candy corn

Bulk candy supplier

Sweet Services is the Mack Daddy of bulk candy suppliers. Purchase your candy in five-pound bags. Also purchase gift bags, boxes, jars, scoops, tongs, or ladles. This is the best one-stop shop for the Do-It-Yourself candy buffet buyer. Ask about themes, decorations, specials, and promotions.
If you are going to buy meltable candy, order in a cooler month and save it to eliminate the need for priority shipping. Sweet Services has a wide variety of candy and professionals to help you make your selections. They have designer candy as well, and you can visit them at

Keeping with your theme and colors will make a big difference but do not limit yourself to only candy you recognize. Let the experts help you. They will have knowledge of themes, and selections that have worked well for others. Relax and have fun with your DYI candy buffet. You are only limited by your own imagination.

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  1. In most parties we've attended, one of the stalls or carts that kids and kids at heart appreciate is the candy buffet. Your tips are helpful especially for moms or family's thinking of including a candy buffet in their DIY party. Thank you for the share, such thoughtful of you.

  2. Candy buffet is really popular now in any kids party. Ok siya, while waiting for the party to start. We're not fond of candies so we only check if there are chocolates in the buffet table. hehehe!

  3. I love those candy buffet. If only my son is fond of them, I'd really push that we had one during his 7th birthday party. It is a lovely treat for both the kids and kids-at-heart! I love this selections. My personal favorites will have to be green apple gummies and belts, though.

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