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Weekend Fun @ Club Synergy SM San Mateo

Two Saturdays ago, about the same time I lost my interest in writing, I decided to take my family to SM San Mateo for a quick outdoor fun. One of the reasons why I suddenly decided to do this was because I knew I needed to help myself. I had to do something and not just stay uninterested in writing. So, I took a break and got a few amount from my savings. Lol!

We arrived at SM San Mateo at around 5 PM. It wasn’t part of the plan, but because of Nate, our first stop was at a gaming arcade. Nate is always fascinated with basketball. But this time, it was the cars that made him demand to get inside.

I exchanged some of my cash for a few tokens. Nate quickly asked for a few tokens ran to drive a vacant car as we happily watch him. Thankfully, the place was not too crowded. It was a lucky day for my sister, Beverly, and Nate, I guess. Why? They both hit the jackpot button and got lots of ticket prize! We were screaming both times! Lol!

The swerte guys: They both hit the jackpot!

We saw a karaoke room so I decided to ask how we can have one. Since there were only two karaoke rooms, the employee advised us to wait for any of the rooms to be vacant. We also needed to prepare our choices first before we could get a room, so that’s what we did.

Since nobody loves waiting for a long time, I thought it’d be best to eat dinner first before our short karaoke time. We dined at Adobo Connection (3rd floor, SM San Mateo). I will make a separate post about our dining experience soon. By the time we went back to the arcade, the karaoke room was free! Yay! So we sang a few songs, then bought the things that we needed to buy before I had my eyebrows groomed.

Aba, kala mo alam ang kanta! hehe. 

We sure had a great time!

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  1. Life's simple pleasures- bonding with family over games and songs. I love it that youre with your sisters and mother in law as you spend some fun times together. I am curious how food at the Adobo connection are served. I mean, if they serve all kinds of adobo and nothing more beyond adobo.

  2. Whenever we go to malls, most of the time errands lang. We seldom go to arcade or karaoke. Ang bilis kasi maubos ng pera kakahulog ng coins. hehehe! I tried Adobo Connection and the taste is just okay for me, mas prefer ko adobo ko. hehehe!

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