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#KilayGoals: Threading Experience @ Nature’s Way Aroma Therapy Salon

I decided to grow my brows so I can have it ‘fixed’ again (if that’s the right term to use).  I think, may ibubuga pa sya pag pinaayos pa. And because #kilayislife, I decided to seek help in grooming it.

Side story: when I was in high school, my gay friend plucked my brows for the first time. Since then, I got used to plucking my eyebrows.

Recently, I noticed that my right brow is shorter that the left. That’s another reason why I decided to grow and have them groomed.  It was around 9 AM already when we finished our short karaoke session in the mall and since the mall closes at 10 PM, most salons/spas that I went to were on cut-off already. Good thing, Nature’s Way Aroma Therapy Salon was still accepting customers. However, I was told I would have to wait for 30 minutes. I had no choice. I told my sisters to take Nate to a playhouse first while waiting for me to finish.

Excuse the nose! 

What to expect when having an eyebrow threading: 

1. Expect it to be fast. 
Compared to my plucking sessions at home, threading’s a lot faster. I think it took no less than 10 minutes to complete. I paid Php 103 for this session, a lot cheaper compared to other salons in the area.

2. Expect it to be painful. 
If you are not into eyebrow plucking, I think threading would be a lot more painful for you. Expect to feel a little pain during the process. So if you think you’re not ready for threading yet, try plucking first. If it’s tolerable for you, then you can survive eyebrow threading. Lol!

Before and after threading result. As you can see, my right brows (one of the left) are a bit “kalat”. lol. 

3. Expect a good result. 
I have to say I’m happy with the result. There’s a reward for every pain! Yahoo! The person who worked on my brows said that my left brow looks great but she did notice the right brow was shorter and “medyo sabog”. I have to agree with her on that. Binawi nya din naman, sabi nya, may korte parin daw kahit papano! haha.

I’m happy with the result and I like my brows. Konting fill nalang, pwede na! Unless of course yung gumawa ng brows mo ay ‘di kagalingan, baka di ka matuwa masyado sa result. Although, I think most of them know what they’re doing because they’re trained before doing so.

This is with the eyebrow pencil “filling in the blanks”. haha. 

Nature’s Way Aroma Therapy Salon is located at:
3rd floor, SM San Mateo
General Luna Avenue, Barangay Ampid 1,
San Mateo, Rizal
Have you had any eyebrow threading experience? How was it? 

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  1. I also pluck my eyebrows kasi sabog din and like you, shorter din yung isa. hehehe! But sometimes I go to Lay Bare for Eyebrow threading, P110+ din. I tried yung iba na medyo mahal pero same din naman ang result. More than a year na yata di ako nakakabalik, hehehe!

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