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Get to Know my Siblings (Sibling War)

Last week, I noticed that most of my friends post about this thing called “sibling war” on Facebook and I thought it was fun so I joined the group! Then I thought – why not post on my blog? lol. So here it is…

Before that, btw. Meet my siblings. There’s 4 of us, 3 ladies, 1 guy. I’m the eldest, and our nicknames are doubled (bisaya people’s trend, lol). Ask a bisaya friend, and you’ll know. haha.

Eldest: Nilyn (me)
Nickname: Len-len
Characteristic: Moody, thrifty, loves hanging out sometimes, then suddenly wants to stay in bed the entire day!

Second: Beverly
Nickname: Bing-bing (or Beb or Bingkay)
Characteristic: Outgoing, maldita but loving, caring.

Third: Jeriel
Nickname: Jong-jong
Characteristic: Quiet but frank, loves computer games, hard-working and our father’s partner in the farm.

Youngest: Ashiel
Nickname: Shen-Shen/Chin-Chin/Chen (whatever you like)
Characteristic: Most loved, the baby, kind, loving and sweet.

1. Who’s the smartest one? Me! Charot!
2. Most spoiled? Beb
3. Most sensitive? Shen2.
4. Worst temper? Beb! Haha
5. Most social? Shen2?

6. Most stubborn? Beb!
7. Who’s mom’s favorite? All of us
8. Who’s liable to fight anyone? Beb and Me.
9. Best cook? Jong2x
10. Best clothes and shoes? Beb?

11. Who was the bad kid? Beb and Me. lol. 
12. Who has the biggest heart? Shen2
13. Who’s the quietest? Jong2x
14. Who’s the worst driver? Shen2
15. Who is the best artist? Shen2?

16. Who is better at sports? Jong2x
17. Best Hair? Beb! haha. 
18. Most musical? Ahem! Me! ๐Ÿ˜€
19. Coffee drinker? Jong2x
20. Who is loudest? ME!

21. Who is most conservative? Shen2
22. Least expensive taste? All of us, I guess.
23. Tallest? Jong2x
24. Most beautiful? Beb
25. Most loved: Shen2

So there’s my family! These are the people I shared my simple life with. We used to fight, laugh, and swim in the river together. We were raised by a farmer and a housekeeper. We were financially incapable of any of life’s luxury in the past. There were times that we’d have rice with salt and oil for dinner. We aren’t rich (even now) but we’re happy. Our childhood was fun, even without expensive toys. We had a noisy home, but every night, we’d sing praises to God and have devotion before going to bed.

Care to share about you and your siblings? Comment below, I’d like to know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I did not notice this in my newsfeeds, maybe because I'm also lazy checking FB newsfeeds (sometimes). Money can't buy happiness, we may not be rich in terms of money or material things but we have something that money can't buy. My goal is to be rich, rich in happiness, rich in health, rich in family and rich in love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Haha. This is cute. I find all three of you beautiful. Shen's beauty is pangmahinhin while Beb's is pang maldita beauty. Yours is pang intellectual. Hahaha. Magkanickname pala kami ni Beb. Bing bing. Ihihi.

  3. I think I've noticed it once in my newsfeed but didn't knolw it was of siblings. One was husband and wife. This is a good one to post. Kso dalawa lang kami. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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