A Peek at a Customer Service Rep’s Life

“Thank you for calling ____, my name is _____, how can I help you?”
This is the spiel that I say many times during my entire shift. This normally comes out immediately after my call comes in. I interact with the customers in behalf of the company that I work with, assist them before and after they place an order, help them with their inquiries, take their orders, respond to their complaints and help resolve their issues.

There are times that my job can get really stressful that’s why I try to be a good customer to other customer service reps. As someone who does their job, I know exactly what their procedures and policies are and I know how it feels to get a difficult customer.
Many times I get yelled and cursed at; some of my customers can be sarcastic and discriminating too. During my first few years working for this job, I’d find myself crying sometimes. But as time goes by, I began to learn ways on how to deal with my stress.
I understand the customers aren’t mad at me, they’re mad at the company. They’re unhappy with the service that they received. But sometimes, some customers are overwhelmed with anger that they would attack me personally. I wish I can just do what they want in a wave of a magic wand. But I can’t. I hope my customer understands that as a CSR, I myself have procedures to follow.
I understand the term “customer is always right” but I think that’s not true anymore nowadays. This job has taught me so many things. It taught me to be patient, to stay calm, to help the customers the best way that I can but at the same time, also make them understand that not all their wishes can be granted, especially if they failed to do their part (like reading the terms and conditions).
I am a customer service rep, absorber of anger, but still willing to serve. I work hard for my job and will do everything I can to do best at work.

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11 Replies to “A Peek at a Customer Service Rep’s Life”

  1. I was once a telemarketer, making calls the whole shift. Some nagged me on the phone and some making fun of you. Then I realized, this job wasn't for me because I want to fight back lols. I was lucky to find a job that fits my course after that. Pero bilib ako sa mga nagtatrabaho sa call center.

  2. I had a short stint doing customer service when I worked for an international bank a few years ago. It might have been a very brief period but it made me realize how hard the job really is. Made me appreciate everyone working for a BPO. 🙂

  3. I imagine myself being in your position and I could only say praises to you. I cany take being nagged and cursed. I know I could be real patient but I might.not take the.stress. super saludo ako sa yo customer representative with a heart.

  4. I worked in BPO before so I know how stressful it is. Ang hirap niya especially if you have cough or colds, ang hirap magtake ng calls. Good thing nalipat ako sa back office work, no more calls na. 🙂

  5. "to stay calm is to listen, inhale and exhale" – this pop up in my mind. I'm not working in a call center but in an internet shop before. Dealing with big and little customers who is so demanding that I end up shouting. That is wrong. I learned my lesson.

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