Manang’s Chicken SM San Mateo

This is a late post. Really late. But as they say, better late than never. I’m one of the bloggers who got invited to visit Manang’s Chicken last December, before the busy holidays that is, and got to experience their tasty offers. So yeah, here’s what I can say about Manang’s Chicken in SM City San Mateo.
1.  Why “Manang”?
The exact same question I asked when we were there. Obviously, I’ve never tried this resto yet so I got so curious about the name. My question was answered. That chicken and other recipes we were enjoying have been a staple at the owner’s family dining table for the past 20 years (I’m so glad they shared it with us!). Their cook, whom they affectionately called “Manang,” whipped it up for all of their family occasions and nobody ever got enough of it.

Fast forward to 2011 and Manang’s soy garlic chicken evolved from the comfort food of their dining table to the local weekend market, and finally a growing chain of fast food restaurants! Manang unwittingly redefined fried chicken for the Pinoy market.
2. The Place
Manang’s Chicken in SM San Mateo has a place wide enough to accommodate around 30-40 pax inside and 10-15 pax outside. The place is clearly decorated with their products on the walls with obviously dominant red color from their chairs to their plates and wall prints.
At the entrance, you are greeted by friendly staff at the cashier who will take your orders and politely ask you to wait for your food to be served.
3. The food

Of course, for the most exciting part – the food we were able to try. Among all the food I’ve tasted, these are my favorites:

A. Glazed chicken.
Their glazed chicken has hot and spicy flavors, I opted for the regular one because I’m not into spicy foods. I tried, but just can’t. So…leave the spicy foods to the bikolanos and other folks who love spicy foods! 😀 Their glazed chicken is so tasty, I’m not even kidding! It’s a combination of sweet and juicy chicken. The breading mix coating is just enough you won’t have a hard time finding where the meat is, lol!

Glazed chicken 

B. Creamy pesto malunggay
Aside from the fact that it has malunggay ingredient (which is uncommon for me), I love the chicken skin on top of it – it’s like the star of their creamy pesto.  Creamy pesto malunggay is just one of their 3 different pasta offers, you’ll have other flavors to choose from.  

creamy pesto malunggay

C. Cupcake Sundae!
This is not just my fave but also Nate’s! He’s consumed his part and almost consumed mine too! Why? Because it’s two of our favourite desserts in one – cupcakes and sundaes! How might think, “how is that possible”? I thought it sounds out of the ordinary either but when I tasted it, it actually is yummy! Here’s a tip, since sundae is on the top, don’t just taste the sundae, sink your spoon and go reach the cupcake – eat them together. It’s a good combination of hot and cold, it’s wonderful! 

Nate enjoying his puto bumbong cupcake sundae
4. Promos
Before we talk a bit about their promos, Manang’s Chicken has delivery hotline. You can call them at 661-1111, tell them what you want, they will look for a nearest Manang’s location to deliver for you. Now for Manang’s Chicken promos, they have:
-get a free sundae cone for every order of any set meal. 
– all you can rice starting at Php 99.
-Party feast packages.
There should be other promos, check their website for more information.
Twitter: @ManangsChicken
Instagram: @manangschicken
Facebook: Manang’s Chicken
Delivery hotline: 661 – 1111
Website: www.manangschicken.com
Address: SM City San Mateo, Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1, San Mateo, 1850 Rizal
Phone (SM San Mateo branch) : (02) 955 2268
Hours (SM San Mateo branch): Mondays – Sundays, 10AM–10PM
If you have Manang’s Chicken near you, go check it out, you might like it as much as we did! 🙂 Check their branches here.

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  1. When we first heard of Manang's Chicken, husband and I thought it was the same chicken house we frequent as students in Intramuros. We used to eat there a lot when we were students because they have real huge chicken and the gravy was so yummy and unlimited. Of course, it was affordable, too.

    We were able to try Manang's Chicken in SM annex and sadly we werent satisfied. We got the family meal and the serving wasnt what we were expecting. Some chicken parts were too small and their side dishes were truly budget size. A turn off as well was the crunchy chicken outside but the inside got blood pa. But it was years ago and I hope that branch has already improved its services.

  2. First time to read about this restaurant so I know I could not try it anytime soon at wala kami niyan dito. To be honest, whenever we're out, my some prefers restaurant na may fried chicken pero kami naman, sawang-sawa na. hehehe! Mukhang enjoy na enjoy talaga si Nate sa cupcake sundae. 🙂

  3. Aw. I went to their website to check their branches. There's none near us. I love chicken! I would have loved to have their food delivered on the days that I can't cook anymore.

  4. I've seen Manang's Chicken before but have never tried it. Food looks good naman. You got me intrigued. Will check if there's a branch near us so that we can finally try it. 🙂

  5. Awww! Sorry to hear that. Sana wala ng ganun uli. We visited the place again and got the same order, gusto talaga namin ang glazed chicken. hehe. Ok lang din ang size nya.

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