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God’s Faithfulness in 2016

It has been my goal since last year to write my prayers every January and see how God answers my prayers by checking it the following year. Last year, I had 7 prayers for 2016 – today, I’m reviewing them to see how God has been so good in our lives.
1. Good health.
God is definitely good in our lives last year. No one in the family got admitted to the hospital and for that, I am grateful. Going to the hospital is one of the stressful things that we want to be doing. Also, it breaks our savings/emergency account, so I am really thankful to God for giving us good health last year.

Last 2016, Nate had a few colds and coughs and had some mild asthma attacks, but thankfully, he was healed through home remedies and more vitamin C supplements. He also had teething problems and he wouldn’t eat that much because of it, but, thankfully, after every teething phase, he’d eat more and recover.
Dane had a few flu, colds, and coughs in Saudi, but was never admitted to the hospital last year either, and for that, I am grateful to God. He never lacks grace – He answers my every prayer and keeps my husband safe while he’s 3800 miles away from us.
I on the other hand, who has the strongest immune system among all 3 of us, also had a few colds and coughs but other than that, I am ok. Our family was also given good health the past year. Good health is certainly among the great blessings that we received last year.
2. Safety
God definitely answered this prayer as well by keeping me and my loved ones safe last year. There was about 10-seconds earthquake here in our place last year and some heavy rains but we remained protected.
I also prayed for safety from snatchers and scammers and yes, we were safe from that as well. Aside from one instance last November where someone stole 700 pesos from my wallet, I didn’t experience any other problems with that. Thank God for giving us good neighbors whom we can always count on (one of the reasons why we love this place – good neighborhood).
3. Ministry
Now I know why God gave me another ministry (because I prayed for it). Last June, I was elected as the Treasurer for the Grace Women’s Department and life has since become busier with all the meetings and reports that I had to attend and do. Praise for the opportunity to be able to do His ministry. We were able to organize CLAG Women’s Fellowship in November (which had the most number of delegates so far) and the Kid’s Camp last December.
This year is certainly bigger when it comes to ministry, especially with the upcoming fellowships that I will involve myself in.
My prayers last year, which God answered. Read more here

4. Knowledge in Parenting
I can never say that I’m a perfect mother or that I am someone any mother should imitate because I have a lot of flaws when it comes to parenting Nate, but thank God for the people who love him too and help him learn more. I’m always thankful for my two sisters for helping me in taking care of him, especially allowing me to sleep when I am so tired from work.
Nate is showing some crazy acts like slapping, throwing tantrums and getting mad and that’s normal, right? What’s good about him is he always listens to explanations. Nate is growing to be a bright kid and sweet kid. Every day since last week, he’d ask me, “mama, are you happy?” – these words don’t just remind me of how blessed I am for having a son but also makes me thank God for everything He’s done in my life every day. Aside from that, he also gives me loving hugs and kisses every day!  I am one blessed woman.
5. Plans
OK, last year, I admitted that I don’t use planners. So, it’s been a quite a messy year with all the things I’m forgetting, lol. But life is a little different now since I got myself a new planner and hopefully, be able to sustain it.
This year, we have a few plans and we’re giving them all to God.
6. Blogging
Wow! God did give me a great blogging experience last year! I had a few sponsored posts last year, some events I was able to attend, and more blogger emails that I was able to try and enjoy. Of course, compared to other famous bloggers, I am nothing but compared last 2015, I can say that I really did have more blogging gigs last year. Look forward to more opportunities this year.
7. Make memories
Did I make memories last year? Yes, I did. I got a few meet ups with my blogger friends, I joined lots of fellowships. Nate and I were able to visit places we’ve never been before last year such as Enchanted Kingdom, Mind Museum, Morong Bataan and Nate visiting Mt. Samat, Bataan for the first time.
I was able to share so many lovely memories with my son and my sisters and also spent so much time only talking to my Dane – that I still consider memories – something that we thought we’d never do ‘til he became an OFW.

What a great year it has been! I am certainly grateful to God for all the wonderful things He showered to me and my loved ones. On top of all these – I have a job (turning 5 yrs this year) that gives me a good salary which I can use to help my family and send my sister to college. 2016 is nothing but a blessing. With all the good things that happened to us last year, I almost can’t remember the bad things anymore! Good overpowers the bad, as always. God is awesome! God’s been good!

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  1. I am also thankful because no one in the family got seriously ill. Cloud has a good immune system, mas nagkakasakit pa nga ang Daddy niya kesa sa kanya. Kaso after ilang days, si Cloud naman ang nahawa pero mild lang naman. I'm also thankful for all the blogging opportunities and of course, new friends!

  2. Me naman, I have small notebook where I write my goals for the year, if hindi natupad to be continued the following year. It is really nice if naachieved yung goals or answered prayer. I also pray for good health, cliche man ang health is wealth pero malaki talaga gastos pagnagkakasakit.

  3. I hope I also have the time to reflect all the good things that happened last 2016. But now, I am taking my time slowly and will enjoy what 2017 will bring!

  4. Your 2016 has been good to your and your family. I pray as well that youre 2017 be kind to you and your family. It feels light and thankful that you are able to help your family and even send your sister to school. They are so lucky to have you. And I am also lucky to have you as a friend.

  5. I had a blessed 2016 as well. I think God's mercy and faithfulness will never ever fade as long as we stay faithful to Him din. Super galing ni Lord talaga! His ways are always higher than our own. Kaya kapag nagpaulanbsya ng blessings at sumagot sa prayers, sobrang nakaka-amaze. May we have a blessed 2017 ahead sis! God bless you and your family! <3

  6. End of last year, my hubby and I also reflected on the blessings that we have achieved for the past year. Kasama na ren yung mga things to improve for this year. It's really nice to see na merong progress sa mga goals na sineset and of course all of these will not be possible without the guidance of the Lord. Blessed 2017 to you and your family! 🙂

  7. I have a lot to be thankful for and even though some people consider 2016 as their worst year, for me it's ny best year yet. Having Katey now makes everything so much livelier and happier. 🙂

  8. God is really faithful. You have a great list there. It is good to keep a checklist so we can see clearly how much we are blessed not to audit God but to tell ourselves that we are blessed even if we didn't deserve it.

  9. Indeed, God is always been faithful. If we are faithful to Him He is more faithful to us. Di lang natin minsan napapansin. Sana patuloy parin tayong malakas physically and spiritually.

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