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What’s in My Gallery?: First 10 Recent Photos on my Phone

Today I’m like, “I need to post something na hindi pinag-iisipan!” Just something I used to post before. 
A few months back, I post weekly “kwento” on my blog (my WAHMA-RAMA series). That what was before I started to do “other things” that I think are of the same importance as blogging. This was the reason why I had to learn to balance everything, which means I needed to give up some of my blog series topics.
Today, I really miss just blogging something “easy”. Something that doesn’t need any researching. Something personal, something “funny”? It’s December so we should be posting happy posts anyway, right?
So what are the first 10 photos on my gallery, you may ask? I’ll show you that in a bit. This includes my most recent photos. Not just photos taken from my camera phone, but including the recent downloads and screenshots. Let’s see what I have here! Haha. I hope this is interesting. I don’t check my gallery often and there are lots of times that I don’t feel like taking pictures!

Adlib: I just checked my phone for about 10 minutes to see the photos and man, these are not good ones! LOL!
It was a bad idea! I thought I didn’t have recent selfies! haha! 
So I numbered them down. There are some that were just duplicates because I downloaded them, then posted in IG, then took a screenshot, etc. So I won’t keep on reposting that (that will make this post even more boring, haha!). The first photo (before Dane) was not numbered to because that’s a screenshot of my gallery (the photo above).  And in this post, I will also not include the video beside #5.
OK, let’s start! (now I’m ashamed! lol). 
He sent this to me earlier today while we were chatting. So yes, my love, you’re first on the list! haha! 

This was last night when Nate was playing with his new friends (there were 2 of them, they’re twins, I only got a photo of on of them). I took a photo and sent it to Dane. Very gentleman si Nate. roflol! 

I took a 2nd photo, hoping that I’ll get a better shot – FAILED!

I bet he was trying to open a locked app here. Since he doesn’t know the password, the cam took a photo of the intruder after 3 failed attempts! haha.

5. 2016 BEST OF 9 ON IG
Yes, because I sure wanted to know my 9 most liked photos of 2016.

I send a photo to Dane after every workout (hoping for an improvement in each photo) and this one was taken the other day. I don’t want this here (nakakahiya) but since I was careless enough to not check the gallery first before making this post, here it is! haha. Kulang pa sa tiyaga, girl!

It’s good, to touch, the green, green, grass of home… (este) Rizal Park. Not sure if you know that song but I hear that every Sunday morning when we were young on our neighbor’s juke box hits! Super old song! Anyway, isn’t this a lovely photo! Must. Love. Green!

I should NOT be talking about this on my blog until I see good results but alas! Here it is, one of my recent photos!

Another one of the “not so good photo”, must take another one!

Ugh! I give up! Yes, I sure did! I gave up and just sent these photos to Dane. Unfortunately, I don’t delete them on my phone so here it is! My 3rd selfie!

Wait, did I say I don’t like taking selfies? OK, I take that away! haha! If you’re reading ’til this part – THANK YOU! *wide grin*. Now go and check the 10 most recent photos in your phone gallery and let me know in the comment box what you got! 🙂

17 Replies to “What’s in My Gallery?: First 10 Recent Photos on my Phone”

  1. Hhahaha. I like this post. You must have really missed blogging. I really like your determination. Ang liit ng tyan ha compared sa akin. Seriously!

    When I checked my phone last night, mostly are the little man's photos. There are a number of food photos as well that I always forget to blog about and share sa Instagram.

  2. Cool idea! But yeah I have to check the gallery first before I do this. But then, I've been obsessed with taking photos of our new baby lately. So for sure all the ten slots will be occupied by his photos alone. Haha!

  3. Minsan pag tamad din ko magblog, I just think for an easy topic na hindi na need mag-isip. Walang iedit na photos or videos. hehehe! Checking my phone, puro photos of book pages ng anak ko, exam na kasi next week and I need to make reviewers. 🙂

  4. Hahaha! Super relate ako sa 4th photo! I've got so many noo and paa shots of my little kuya. And minsan, may candid shots na rin ako. Nagugulat na lang ako sa gallery ko. Pati yung screenshots of videos na pinapanood ni bebe, yung mga nursery rhymes. Meron din, sangkatutak! Hahahaha! Anyway, I like the idea of writing posts na hindi masyadong kailangang gamitan ng brain cells. Yung you can just write anything you feel writing at the moment. Hahaha! Kasi nagko-cause talaga ng blogging exhaustion when everything you write needs to be researched on first, diba? So I like this! <3 After all, this is your blog. Your personal blog. I might do the same kahit once a week lang or twice a month. Hahaha! Thanks for the idea. :*

    PS. Ang sexyyyyy!

  5. This post is so carefree, nakakatuwa. I can relate sa #4 photo. I see my phone's gallery like this all the time. selfies of my son na ang panget panget and yet, I cant seem have the power to delete it. hahaha

  6. Haha! Thank you! Hindi pa nga e. Mahaba habang bunuan pa para lumiit ang tiyan. haist! lol. Haha. And speaking of photo#4, I saw some of your noo at paa posts sa FB, napapangiti ako! haha. Yes, I agree! Minsan kasi parang masyado na akong focused sa content (char). I'll look forward to your personal blogs. 🙂

  7. Naks dapat ang unang makit sa phone photos c ultimate crush… Gamay nalang jud mkulang gaw sa imong tyan, ayaw jud undangi basig magsisi ka, kasi you're almost there na oh. Good job jud ka.

  8. Again, that blogging season when you just feel like posting something light. I thought I was the only one feeling this last week. Haha enjoyed the posts. 🙂

  9. I so understand what you mean! It's been a toxic month and I jotted down the backlogs and was shocked I have 10 blogs for brands I've not written. OMG. And I'm so dying to write about family and our traditions.

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