What I Love About Crepeman Café SM San Mateo

Last Saturday, I was one of the few Rizal bloggers invited to visit and try Crepeman Café in SM San Mateo. My very first crepe experience was in Love Desserts in Pearl Drive but my experience wasn’t good. I didn’t like it. Little did I know, that was just one of the many flavors that I can enjoy. Thanks to Crepeman Café, I now know there are sooo many different types and flavors to enjoy your crepes!
Here’s what to expect from Crepeman Café (and the reasons why I love this place!).

1. Instagrammable wall design
I am no photographer, neither do I have a super amazing IG feed but their wall (I mean the literal wall, not the social media wall, lol) – is simply wonderful! Every IG addict will love how they made their interior design so nice for you! Wooden walls just make every photo more dramatic, aren’t they? Not only that, they also have these nice frames and quotes hanged on the wall so you get that nice, which is the trend nowadays, to give you that smart and nostalgic feel. 🙂

Yes, I made sure Nate has a photo. ♥ But it looks like he wasn’t in the best mood for picture-taking! lol. 

2. Toys and reading materials
Crepeman Café doesn’t have that huge space for its customer. But, I like how brilliant it is that they have this little corner where you there are a few books for you and your kids to read while waiting for your order. Not only that, they also have board games for their customers. Time to challenge your bf/gf while waiting for your crepes! 🙂 It’s nice how Crepeman Café was still able to maximize their small space to make sure they give their customers a unique experience.
magz, books, toys and board games (not in the photo) while you wait! Photo grabbed from Crepeman Cafe FB wall.
3. Crepes! (of course) and drinks
This is what I’m telling you about. Forgive me ‘coz I haven’t had much exposure with crepes ‘til this (but I’ll certainly visit them again). Here, you can choose from soooo many varieties of crepes: crispy, sweet, meaty, chocolatey, nutty, with veggies, with bacon, with chese – name it! They have their sweet and savory crepes to choose from! And they cook it while you wait! See how a crepe is made while visiting Crepeman café!
We got to try their ferrero crepes and I love it! My sister and I do. I also got to try their porky’s bacon and it’s super tasty!

crepe parade! 
Aside from that, Crepeman Café has so many drink options available for you as well from hot drinks to iced tea, smoothies, coolers, cold drinks, (even) milk tea, milk shakes and fruit shakes! You just can’t not have drinks along with your crepes! Yes, it’s in a mason jar, and since lakas maka-IG ng mason jar, you sure can take a snap and post it in your IG wall! 😀
Crepeman Café has a friendly and accommodating staff and I’ll surely comeback here to try another flavors and crepes!

Crepeman Café is located in
3rd floor, Sm City San Mateo, Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1, San Mateo, 1850 Rizal
Phone #: (02) 625 4515
Opens daily from 10AM to 10PM
Also check them on Facebook: Crepeman SM City San Mateo

0 Replies to “What I Love About Crepeman Café SM San Mateo”

  1. I hope they have a branch near ours. My firstborn just loves crepes and he could finish one or two servings minus the main course pa ha. He loves it the most with chocolate and mango filling.

  2. Wow! Ikaw na ang favorite at suki ng SM San Mateo resto reviews and more. Yeah! I agree that their wall design is good for pictures. I think sinadya talaga nila yan, ang cute lang ni nate. I miss crepes first time ko nakatim nyan sa boracay. Kung di nakapunta ng Bora di nakatikim eh.

  3. I looooove crepes! Ang saya naman ng ganitong event invite. Haha! And I like the ambiance of the place, especially yung part na meron silang toys, board games and reading materials. At least there's an alternative thing to do aside from browsing your phone while you wait for your order diba? Cool! 😀

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